Out-of-state Drug Link Investigated By Police

Police beat

May 09, 1991

County narcotics detectives arrested a Chicago man on drug charges Tuesday and are investigating a Los Angeles man in connection with drugs found in a car parked at a North County hotel.

John T. Collins,34, was charged with possession of cocaine. Police say they confiscated more than $8,000 from a Los Angeles man, who was not identified.

The arrest came two days after the county drug interdiction unit started investigating the men, whom they believe were bringing cocaine into the county. Tuesday afternoon, police executed a search warrant on the Chicago man's car and found cocaine and $214.

Police say they stopped the Los Angeles man as he was preparing to leave the hotel. They said he agreed to allow detectives to search his luggage. Police say they found $8,544, which they confiscated because they believe the money came from the sale ofdrugs.

The man, who was not charged, will have to go to court to prove the money was obtained legallybefore getting it back.

Police say their investigation is continuing.


A 24-year-old Annapolis man was arrested on drug charges Saturday after being stopped in his car by police who say he passed two cars in a no-passing zone.

Douglas Vanlear McWaters, of the 200 block Hilltop Lane, was chargedwith possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, giving a false name to police and numerous motor vehicle violations.

A police report says the man was stopped on Route 2 near Mayo road after an officer saw a 1974 Plymouth pass two cars.

The report says the driver could not produce a license or registration and gave a false name. He was arrested and a search of the car turned up three bags of marijuana, the report said.

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