Volunteers Keep Senior Senters Running At Full Speed

Recognition Given At Department Brunch

May 08, 1991|By Staff report

The Carroll County Department of Aging honored its volunteers at an April 26 recognition brunch.

Honored were scores of volunteers whohelped in the following programs: Senior Health Insurance, OmbudsmanProgram, Senior Centers, Alzheimers Support Group, Senior Information and Assistance, and Life Enrichment/Pets on Wheels.

Director Jolene Sullivan gave special recognition to:

* SeniorHealth Insurance Volunteers: David Braune and Brian Cronin.

* Ombudsman Representatives: John Dugan and Emily Holman.

* North Carroll Volunteers: Bernice Martin, Martha Stenger, Frances Barnes and Philip Stenger.

* South Carroll Volunteers: John Bowers, Bud Burkhart, Laurence Carroll, Daisy Day, Myrtle Dutton, Bethina Gallup, Myrtle Haines, Mary Horman, Mary King, Anna Slouck, Anna Splinder, Bea Study, Betty Veal, Al Waltz, Viola Whittaker and Emily Wolbert.

* Finksburg Senior Center: Carolyn Buckingham, Elsie Cornwell, Marge DiPietro, Margaret Duvall, Elizabeth Ibex, Evelyn Schillaci, Frank Schillaci, Marceilia Somerville and Estella Spurrier.

* Senior Info, and Assistance: Edward Caldicott, Cindy Cleveland, Bert Ferren, Emily Ferren, Joyce Hendy, Lester Stern, Irene Stern, Kay Ripley and Amos Wampler.

* Mount Airy Senior Center: Lucille Cumro, Clara Fleming, Virginia Lupish, Betty Normandy, Ralph Pickett, Ruth Schmidt, Howard Wendler and Margaret Wright.

* Westminster Senior Center: Felix Baker, Viola Brown, Michael Byrne, Mary Dimler, Selma Gregory, Reba Haines, Peggy Haskins, Dorothy Hubatka, Maude Little, Benjamin Myers, Mary Owens, Harold Pickett, Marta Pramschufer, William Reese, Mabel Reifsnyder, Grant Ridgley, Angie Saxton, Sally Schubert, Romaine Seipp, Mary Sheppard, Jim Smith, Norma Sullivan, Tom Swanson, Miriam Wagner, Hazel Warner and Edith Zink.

* Life Enrichment and Pets on Wheels Volunteers: Helen Chorpenning, Linden Craig and Isobel, Ellen Gill and Jodie, Karen Krupsinski and Dusty, Rosalie Rock, Creston Rock, Ruth Smith, Mike Talley and Red.

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