Gop Irked By Panel Choices

May 08, 1991|By Elise Armacost | Elise Armacost,Staff writer

Local Republican leaders were seething Monday night after the CountyCouncil named just one Republican -- black activist Dallas Evans -- to its Decennial Charter Revision Commission.

The GOP wanted two of the five spots on the commission, which has the politically chargedtask of redrawing council boundaries and updating the county charter, Anne Arundel's constitution.

"What happened was that the five Democrats (on the council) got in a room and decided what they wanted to do and jammed it down our throats," said Laura Green Treffer, chairman of the Anne Arundel CountyRepublican Central Committee.

The new commission members are:

* Evans, an Annapolis businessman. A well-known civic activist, he ischairman of the Planning Advisory Board, advisings the county executive on which capital projects should be funded.

* Robert Agee, former chief aide to former County Executive O. James Lighthizer.

* Harold Counihan, a professor at Anne Arundel Community College.

* Mark Anderson, Lighthizer's former campaign manager. Anderson served on the last charter review commission. He supportedRepublican Councilwoman Diane R. Evans of Arnold in last November's election by creating"Democrats for Evans."

* Muriel G. Carter, president of the County Board of Supervisors of Elections and the Glen Burnie Improvement Association.

Though the two Republican council members, Evans and Carl G. "Dutch" Holland of Pasadena, had wanted two GOP representatives, they supported these appointments.

"We knew there was no way wewere going to get the votes," for two Republicans, Diane Evans said,noting that she was especially pleased to see Dallas Evans on the panel.

Treffer expressed different feelings. The council flagrantly ignored the need to represent the county's 66,000 Republicans, she said. "I'm angry. You'll be hearing from us again," she said.

The council also approved a resolution asking the charter commission to consider several major changes to the way local elections are conducted,including staggering council terms, limiting council members to three four-year terms, adding an eighth council representative and a council chairman-at-large, and electing the county executive during presidential election years.

The charter commission has one year to report back to the council.

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