On Condos For Disabled

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May 08, 1991

From: Carrie W. Ray


Editor's note: The following letter is addressed to staff writersJoAnna Daemmrich and Gary Gately

I read with interest your article on "Neighbors Nix Condos for Disabled," in the Friday, April 26 edition of The Anne Arundel County Sun.

The neighbors' reason for notwanting your condos are the same reasons given for not wanting other"different" people in a given community.

(Delegates Philip) Jimeno, (W. Ray) Huff and (Councilman George) Bachman should be left to flounder in the sea of "fear, indecision, lack of values and deception!"


From: George Bauernschmidt Jr.

Severna Park

My comments on the proposed Anne Arundel County budget are:

Hey, Robert Neall! The same tax rate (2.46 (per $100 of assessed value)) means a substantial (19) tax increase. We homeowners voted for you to get some tax relief -- not a coup de grace.

Don't you know that our property taxes have been ratcheted up on average about 10 percent and for many, 15 percent, each year for the last eight years? That is a compounded increase just like compound interest. The county government is so far into our pockets that it has us by the you-know-what.

Robert, you lied to us. Your campaign promise, like your neck brace, was cast aside after the election as being valueless.

Thebusiness community cuts expenses in tough times. Government doesn't.Year in and year out it grows and grows. Only the explanations and excuses for more taxes change. Like a cancerous tumor, it draws more and more of the community resources to itself and drives out the wealth-producing people and businesses. Keep it up, and Anne Arundel County will be in the same straits as Baltimore City.

Government has very few basic jobs, such as protecting citizens from each other and outsiders, and providing a framework for collective action. Much of therest is administering wealth transfers. Most petitioners are those who want someone else to pay for their needs.

The residential property tax is inherently unfair and obsolete. There is no correlation between the tax and the ability to pay, the benefits and services received, or the home-owner's equity in the property. An income tax is much more fair.

Local government must love the homeless, because theyare trying to make more of them through higher and higher taxes.

This year, the constant yield tax rate for Anne Arundel County is 2.27. Every penny above that is a tax increase.

Robert Neall, you cando better.

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