Call it Camden Yards

May 08, 1991

Our colleague John Steadman makes an impassioned case for naming Baltimore's new stadium after Babe Ruth, the legendary slugger who grew up in Baltimore and began his baseball career with the Baltimore Orioles. Steadman maintains that the Ruth name carries an unmatchable glamour, an element missing from the name Camden Yards.

With all due respect to our colleague -- and to the Babe himself -- we disagree that Camden Yards lacks imagination or sounds like a generic name. Glamorous it's not. But who needs glamour at a baseball game, especially when you can have mystique? Camden Yards has plenty of that.

It recalls the city's days as a great railroad center and serves as a reminder that it was Baltimore's role as transportation hub that made it blossom into one of the nation's great cities. As for confusing the name with Camden, N.J., or even Camden, S.C., we have no doubt that baseball fans everywhere would quickly learn the difference, especially when the cameras at televised games pan Baltimore's downtown skyline over the outfield fences.

In fact, we suspect that it would be far easier for them to straighten out any confusion over the name Camden than to remember that a Babe Ruth Stadium had nothing to do with the New York Yankees, the franchise that is virtually synonymous with Babe Ruth's name.

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