Ditch those cares and woes -- and those clothes, GI

May 08, 1991|By Monica Norton | Monica Norton,Evening Sun Staff

A Crownsville camp is hosting a free Memorial Day weekend for servicemen and women to recognize the victory in the Persian Gulf war, but participants are advised to pack light.

The camp, run by Pine Tree Associates Inc., is for nudists.

Military personnel have for months been offered airfare discounts and other perks by American business who want to show their appreciation for the war effort. Now, Pine Tree and the Eastern Sunbathing Association is offering a free weekend, May 25-27, to men and women in, er, uniform.

"We chose Memorial Day Weekend because it is the time we honor those who perished in war and it is also the traditional start of summer," said William Pacer, coordinator for the Eastern Sunbathing Association.

"It gives us the opportunity to recognize the men and women in uniform willing to pay the ultimate price in defending freedom," Pacer said.

For its first annual Armed Forces Recognition Weekend, Pine Tree plans to open its doors to people carrying active military identification, reservists and their families. They need not have served in Operation Desert Storm.

Keith Miller, an Army veteran and a member of the sunbathing association's board of directors, said the clothes-free weekend may help the military folks relax.

"A clothes-free environment is a stress-free environment," Miller said. "Like other organizations, many of our members went to Saudi Arabia. We believe it is time to offer our military personnel and their families the opportunity to experience nude recreation."

ESA is a regional branch of the American Sunbathing Association,

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