In keeping with the Earth Day mode

May 08, 1991|By Los Angeles Daily News

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in the fashion industry is too ugly to imitate, especially if it fits into a trendy theme.

Well known as the sandal of choice among the tofu-and-bean-sprout crowd, the humble Birkenstock sandal has a wanna-be. Kinney Shoes has introduced the Colorado sandal, a leather and buckled-strap shoe that's "comfortably chic and environmentally sound for the '90s."

If you're still feeling a bit far from the roots of the environmental movement, or maybe you missed Earth Day entirely, it's time to put something on your chest another Earth-friendly T-shirt. Ecologic International, a company launched on Earth Day 1990, offers T-shirts spouting such planetary slogans as: "This is a really cool planet. Let's keep it that way" and "Wake Up and Smell the Planet."

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