takes the Trivia Quiz

May 07, 1991

GLIMPSES' "Trivia Quiz" buff Wayne Schaumburg has won (or been runner-up in) so many of our quizzes over the years that this year we decided to head him off at the pass. So we asked him to write the questions. (We don't know who the winner will be this year, but it won't be Schaumburg.)

You know the rules by now, this being the 16th annual test of our readers' knowledge of Baltimore people, places and events. The first entry mailed with the most correct answers wins. Entries not mailed are ineligible. Employees of The Baltimore Sun may not enter. Void in Baghdad.

The winner gets to hold the title "Baltimore Glimpses Trivia Champion of 1991" and receives a gorgeous certificate that will look great on his or her trophy wall.

Address all entries to:

Baltimore Glimpses

c/o Mike Bowler

The Evening Sun

P.O. Box 1377

Baltimore, Md. 21278

Here we go:

6* 1. Where would you find the following:

"The Fountain Shop"

"The Quixie"

"The Colonial Restaurant"

K? 2. Match the politician with the sport he's best known for:

___Gov. Harry Hughes a) Lacrosse

___Gov. William Donald Schaefer b) Football

___Mayor Kurt Schmoke c) Baseball

3. And speaking of sports, who were "The Glamour Girls" and "The Spitfires"?

4. What do these names have in common: Vernon, Plaza, Madison, Wilkins, Tuxedo, Forest, Orleans?

0 5. Match the personality with his publicity:

___Kroner a) jumped into fountains

___Kerpelman b) crashed into stadium

___Azey Foreman c) climbed flagpoles

7+ 6. How are you on Baltimore cemeteries?

Aubrey Bodine is buried in

"Black Aggie" haunted

A streetcar operated within it:

7. Match the Baltimore family with the Baltimore business it is identified with:

___Night Clubs a) Hasslinger

___Movie theaters b) Bloom

___Restaurants c) Rappaport

8. The street-crossing technique that introduced Baltimoreans to diagonal street crossings for pedestrians was called

C7 9. Match the movie with the appropriate connection:

North Avenue a) State

___"Diner" b) Metropolitan

___Vaudeville c) Crest

I= 10. Match the restaurant with the appropriate connection:

Marlin" a) Schellhase

___Mencken c) Chesapeake

___"Cut your steak with fork or tear up your check." b) Oyster Bay




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