George T. Delacorte, 97, founder of Dell Publishing and a...

Deaths elsewhere

May 07, 1991

George T. Delacorte, 97, founder of Dell Publishing and a philanthropist who gave millions to embellish New York City with fountains, statues, theaters and schools that bear his name, died Saturday at his home in Manhattan.

Carlos Marquez Sterling, a Cuban historian and statesman who led the drafting of the country's 1940 constitution, died of heart failure Friday in Miami. He was 92. Mr. Marquez served as speaker of Cuba's House of Representatives as well as minister of state and minister of education. Mr. Marquez left Cuba in 1959, after Fidel Castro's new government placed him under house arrest. He wrote 20 books, including a biography of Cuban patriot Jose Marti and histories on Cuba and the United States.

Charlie Osborne, 98, the man who survived 68 years of hiccups, winning him a place in "The Guinness Book of World Records," died Wednesday in Anthon, Iowa, of ulcer complications -- just 11 months after his hiccups ceased. He had appeared on network television and once offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could cure him for good of the malady that began while he was slaughtering a hog in 1922.

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