Working Parent Settling down at night


May 07, 1991

This is the Maryland Week of the Working Parent, a few days set aside to recognize the role of parents in the state's work force and to help employers find practical approaches to work and family issues that affect their employees.

It's also a time to offer those parents a helping hand by sharing these Tips for Working Parents, developed by The Maryland Committee for Children, which is sponsoring the week. Today's tips address evening routines.

It's important for parents to have some time for themselves each day. A consistent routine can make sure you and your child get the rest you need. Here are some suggestions for doing so:

* Establish a reasonable bedtime, based on your child's sleeping needs.

* Save exciting or physical play for earlier in the day; don't rev up a child when you want him to calm down.

* Give an early warning so a child knows that bedtime is near.

* Use a chart to help the child get ready for bed and the next day (i.e., put away toys, brush teeth, lay out clothes).

* After you've put your child to bed, enjoy a few quiet moments.

* The key to evening routines that work is to find a comfortable way to feel close to your child after a day apart.

Tomorrow: Encouraging children to help at home.

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