Working Parent


May 06, 1991

This is the Maryland Week of the Working Parent, a few days set aside to recognize the role of parents in the state's work force and to help employers find practical approaches to work and family issues that affect their employees.

It's also a time to offer those parents a helping hand by sharing these Tips for Working Parents, developed by The Maryland Committee for Children, which is sponsoring the week. Today's tips address parent-child communication.

After a day's work, it's sometimes difficult for working parents to reconnect with their families. Here are some ideas for doing so:

* Let your child know you care about what he did during the day, whom he spent time with and what he's feeling strongly about.

* Look directly at your child when the two of you talk.

* Let your child know you are listening by responding to what he's saying and asking questions.

* Listen for the feeling behind the words.

* When setting limits for your child, phrase them positively. Save "no" for those times you really need it.

* Tell your child clearly what you want him to do; don't expect him to read your mind.

* The key to communicating with your child is to listen carefully before you react.

Tomorrow: Tips on Bedtime routines.

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