Winning Derby trainer rides jockeyTrainer Nick Zito isn't...

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May 05, 1991

Winning Derby trainer rides jockey

Trainer Nick Zito isn't going to win any motivational awards for his treatment of jockey Chris Antley, who rode Zito's horse, Strike the Gold, to victory in yesterday's 117th Kentucky Derby.

Antley had finished no higher than ninth in two previous Derby rides and has a history of erratic behavior, including suspensions for substance abuse and careless riding.

"He's a fearless jockey," Zito said. "He has no brains. That's why he's a good jockey. The only thing I can do is kill him if he screws up. I can run him over with my truck."

Zito was joking, obviously. No harm in hiding those ignition keys, though.

Here's a real utility player

Who needs eight other guys hanging around when you have Mark Lawrence, a 17-year-old high school baseball player from Milford, Ohio?

Lawrence, who is ambidextrous, plays the outfield left-handed, plays shortstop right-handed and pitches both ways, alternating every start.

"Dad kept telling me I could be different and unique," Lawrence told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The quote

Harry Ornest, former owner of the St. Louis Blues, on owner Norman Green of the Minnesota North Stars: "He's self-effacing, modest, unassuming, bereft of ego, warm, gentle. But he makes up for it in incompetence."

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