Seven roll 300 games at Country Club

BOWLING Notebook

May 05, 1991|By James H. Jackson

Seven 300 games were rolled in the past two weeks in leagues at Country Club Lanes.

David Litterine bowled a perfect game plus a 277 in the Country Club Minors; Richard Heim rolled 300 in the Prime Timers; Derrick Brooks, Alonzo Cane and Steve Burrell recorded perfect games in the Starfires. Burrell combined his 300 game with 234 and 245 games for a 779 set. Ken Lane and Rick Morrison bowled perfect games in the Baltimore Men's Classic Scratch.

Jim Spicer, in the Classic Scratch League, and Dwayne Edwards, WPOC League, missed a perfect game by one pin, and Rob Lemerise and Jim Detweiler, both in the Classic Scratch, Bobby Jackson, in the Paxton Mixed, and Rick Wallace in the the Maryland Law Enforcement, all bowled 298 games.

Other leading scores, by league, included:

Thursday Night Mixed -- Tom Hardesty, 277, Irv Rosewall, 276 and Dwan Thacker, 215-185-245--645.

Country Club Minors -- Chuck Tillman, 278 and Brian Thacker, 245-216-265--726.

WPOC -- Joe Barnhart, 296, Joe Fuchs, 289, Ray Dorsey, 278, Fran Breznicky, 276, Ed Hurd, 279-275-243--797 and Bill Plag, 221-256-268--745.

4 Prime Timers -- Kip Ennis and Joe Barnhart, 289.

Starfires -- John Black, 289, Johnny Middleton, 279, Robin Gee, 243-202-245--690 and Sharon Cox, 205-224-252--681.

TGIF -- Tim Buckett 289 and Ron Taylor 276.

Fun Bunch -- Charles Rudolph, 280 and Brian Rudolph, 278.

Monday Men's Triples -- Frank Orbin, 287 and Charlie Cooke, 279.

St. Matthews -- Robin Whittaker, 235-227-215--687.

Baltimore Men's Classic Scratch -- Bob Rochette, 296, Nick Delp, 279, Bill Angeleno, 279, John Santini, 279, James Barnhart, 279 and 278, Brian Thacker, 289 and 279, Joe Rochette, 277, Jim Detweiler, 278, Walt Cervenka, 276, Larry Detweiler, 290-253-256--799, Mike Todd, 279-267-247--793, Scott Poe, 229-279-247--755.

GM Truck & Bus -- Ed Lipnickas, 277.

Scratch Triples -- Jeff Harding, 284 and 275, plus 193-288-278-246--1,015, Mark Panayis, 247-233-221-257--958 and Mike Tanner, 278.

Paxton Mixed -- Jim Schirmer, 279.

Chesapeake Mixed -- John Van Zananzo, 279 and Lucy Bell, 257.

Steamers -- Tom Aversa, 279 and Rich Mark, 278.

Corkey Bell rolled a 298 game in the C&P Telephone League at Fair Lanes Towson. He also had games of 200 and 146 for a 644 series.

Two Baltimoreans, Danny Wiseman and Bruce Hollen, won money in the recent Firestone Tournament of Champions held in Fairlawn, Ohio.

Wiseman earned $5,500 by finishing ninth with 10,585 pins for 48 games, and Hollen won $2,150 with his 23rd place finish. Hollen had 10,078 pins in 48 games.

The Pro-Youth Duckpin Doubles Challenge will be held May 18 at Greenway Bowl East at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. For further information call 685-3800.

Among the professionals participating will be Adele Asimenios Carol Gittings, Pat Malthan, Don Dove, Ben McDonald and John Schramm.

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