Excellent Teaching Defines Western Maryland College

May 05, 1991

Western Maryland College, a private, four-year institution of the liberal arts and sciences, is on West Main Street in Westminster and isnamed for the Western Maryland Railroad.

Since its inception 125 years ago, WMC has been committed to the principle of equitable education for outstanding students.

Its founders were forward-thinking individuals who demonstrated this commitment in the most practical of ways -- they made WMC the first coeducational institution south of the Mason Dixon, and one of thefirst in the nation.

Consider the initial statement of WMC's First Principles document -- "Western Maryland College believes that liberally educated men and women think and act critically, creatively, and humanely." These words are carried forth daily by WMC's students asthey acquire depth and prepare for their life's work.

All of the 1,200 students, hailing from 22 states and 10 foreign countries, are required to take 30 percent of their courses in the liberal arts --humanities, fine arts, and natural and social sciences.

Special educational features include a January Term comprised of credit-bearing courses and internships; self-designed majors; and off-campus programsboth here and abroad. For academically accomplished freshmen, the WMC Honors Program provides individually-tailored projects and housing as well as substantial scholarships. Phi Beta Kappa is one of 13 highly regarded honor society chapters on campus.

Sixty percent of Western Maryland's students receive financial aid. Scholarships vary from full tuition to awards of $200. Students who meet academic criteriaor excel in a chosen field can receive a four-year scholarship valued at nearly $50,000. Many awards are renewable, and some are granted on an early-decision basis.

On average, WMC awards 20 full scholarships each year, and a larger number of other scholarships. There areseveral additional sources for financial aid, including endowed scholarships and state and federal grants, all based on need and/or merit.

Fees for the 1991-1992 academic year are as follows: $12,505 fortuition, $2160 for double-occupancy room, and $2,580 for board.

Of course, students don't choose WMC simply because financial support is easily accessible.

For its size and orientation, the college offers an unusually wide range of disciplines including business, computer science, African-American studies, politics, social work, English, chemistry and theater. WMC's 24 majors and 38 minors are administered by nationally recognized educators, for whom teaching comes first.Research is conducted only for students' benefit -- undergraduates conduct research with professors, and often present findings at international symposiums.

For students planning post-graduate studies, WMC offers master's degrees in the liberal arts and in several areas of education, most notably in WMC's renowned education of the deaf program. Certification is available for elementary/secondary education, and pre-professional programs are available for law, ministries, curatorial work, and health sciences.

The college sponsors a diverse calendar of cultural and athletic events open to the public. During the summer months, theater-goers can enjoy the musical productions staged in the exquisitely restored 19th-century Alumni Hall.

Now in its 10th season, Theater on The Hill will feature the "Wizard of Oz" and "Nunsense" beginning in late June. Tickets are available by calling857-2599. For up-to-date information, call the Events Line: 857-2766.

WMC: 848-7000.

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