City Of Westminster

Westminster -- May 13

May 05, 1991

Dennis Frazier, Samuel V. Greenholtz, Michael Oakes, Rebecca A. Orenstein, Mark S. Snyder, Stephen R. Chapin Sr. and Kenneth A. Yowan (seeking one of three council seats) were asked these four questions:

* What do you view as the city's three most immediate needs?

* Considering the anticipated growth in Westminster, how should the city assure adequate services for its residents (i.e.: water, roads, fire and emergency services, public facilities)?

* Do you believe the county and towns can meet the 1994 mandate for 15 percent recycling? Do you support mandatory or voluntary recycling? Why? How would you meet the costs involved in recycling?

* What is your view ofthe relationship between the mayor and council? If changes are needed, what steps would you suggest to achieve a productive government?


Age: 50

BIODATA: I am a long-time Westminster resident and a retired small businessman who believes that wehave the right to expect the best from our city government. I will bring common sense and vision to make this happen. I will apply my public service experience as: member, Carroll County General Hospital board of directors, Westminster Rotary Club president-elect, Westminster United Methodist Church past administrative board chairman, and member, Carroll County YMCA past board of managers. I am respectful of our retired citizens, serving on the board of directors of Timber Ridge and a Continuing Care Retirement Community consultant.

NEEDS: 1.Ending the bickering between the City Council and the mayor which has plagued our great city. 2. Determining if our tax rate is fair. Whyis there a large budget surplus every year, sound business practicesor are we overtaxed? 3. Maintaining the economic vitality of our beautiful downtown.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: The key to adequate planningis slow and controlled growth. We must adopt a growth plan patternedafter the report of the city's Growth Management Task Force and we must stick to it. Short-sighted exceptions to growth plans reduce the charm that makes our city unique and beautiful.

RECYCLING: Recycling makes sense because it reduces our amount of garbage going to landfills and it uses our valuable raw materials more efficiently. Our pride in Westminster and its beautiful landscape will ensure that voluntary recycling and volunteer support will meet our recycling mandate.

COUNCIL-MAYOR RELATIONSHIP: I will work closely to end the bickering between the mayor and City Council. The tragedy of the past year is that while the councilmen were trying to score political points, they were distracted from our city's real problems. We have the rightto expect the best from our government.


Age: 34

BIODATA: Married to Debbie 12 years. One son, Christopher. Christopher attends Westminster Elementary. Graduated from South Miami Senior High. Attended two years at Morgan State and two years at Towson State. Graduated from Towson State with a B.S. in 1979; graduate work atLoyola College. Have been a teacher/coach for 12 years. Now teachingat Loyola High School. President of the Greens of Westminster Homeowners Association (two years). Vice chairperson of the Westminster Parks Board. Member of the Tree Commission for the city of Westminster.

NEEDS: Westminster has to attract more business so the majority ofthe work force does not drive out of town to work. Westminster should not try to build in to or up to something we moved out here to get away from. Westminster has to do more to protect the environment.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: I think the growth of Westminster has to be slowed down to let the services catch their breaths. The building permitsshould be limited to 2-3 percent of the total residential buildings in Westminster, not to 20 per builder per quarter as the now are.

RECYCLING: I believe the mandate for recycling can be achieved. This should not be done by making recycling mandatory but by making it convenient. Instead of trash pick-up two times a week by the city, one pick-up for trash, one for materials to be recycled. Therefore, increase costs should be small.

COUNCIL-MAYOR RELATIONSHIP: I believe the inability of the city council to work with the mayor is counterproductive for the city. I think the council should give the mayor back the powers that have been enjoyed by mayors of Westminster for over 150 years.


Age: 45

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