Town Of Union Bridge

Union Bridge -- May 14

May 05, 1991

Perry L. Jones Jr. and Scott W. Davis (seeking the mayoral seat) andBret D. Grossnickle, Jeffrey M. Six and Edgar Wentz (seeking one of two council seats) were asked these four questions:

* What do you view as the town's three most immediate needs?

* What is your position on the annexation of the Phillips property and the expansion of Lehigh? How should the town assure adequate services for its residents (i.e.:water, roads, fire and emergency services, public facilities)?

* What steps would you suggest to help attract additional business to Union Bridge while keeping its small town charm?

* How would you resolve the dispute between the quarry owners and the residents?


Age: 62

BIODATA: Educated in Carroll County; four-year night school completed. Retired from Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Can make this full-time job. Member: Carroll County Recreation and Parks Board, Union Bridge Fire Co., UnionBridge Lions Club (second vice president), VFW No. 8806, Local 31. Town councilman, two years. Work with community service personnel. I have a good background as councilman and I can do a good job as mayor.I can see a couple changes if I get the job. I will work for the people. So people of Union Bridge vote for Scott Davis.

NEEDS: 1. Another well for water supply, one well is not enough. 2. More stores for our town. 3. Better police protection. How often do we see a Carroll County sheriff's car in this town?

ANNEXATION/EXPANSION: As longas it doesn't cost the present tax payers any money I can see Phillips property annexation. I'm for expansion of Lehigh plant and quarry.As I said above, we need another well for water. If Phillip annexation goes through we will need more police protection when completed.

ATTRACTING BUSINESS: I would like to see a couple business come to Union Bridge and these business hire people from this area so this doesn't become a bedroom community. More hiring of local people. A committee to write to business people to let them know what we have to offer them.

QUARRYING: In 1963 Lehigh bought property. People who purchased property afterward were not informed. Realtors and county should have notified people. "Quarry Site" signs would have helped. Grant Lehigh permit. Interference of one mile around quarry site for lossof water and sink holes.


Age: 39

BIODATA: Married to Darlene E. Jones. One son, Perry L. III. Held student government office in school from seventh to 12th grade. Attended Boy's State in Annapolis in 1969. Member Union Bridge Fire Co., past ambulancelieutenant, past ambulance captain. Served on board of trustees. Member, Pipe Creek Jaycees. Employed at Tuck's Chevron since age 13. Served on council since my father's death in June 1980. Served on many committees in town and county.

NEEDS: 1. Affordable housing for those who are working for a better tomorrow. 2. Get the drugs out of town. 3. Parents to care more about their children and better care of them.

ANNEXATION/EXPANSION: I am in favor of the annexation, if it is controlled and doesn't cost the existing people of town higher taxes. Lehigh needs the expansion to update and keep about 200 people working. Services must grow with the growth of town.

ATTRACTING BUSINESS: Parking in business area and a need for more people to make it worthwhile for businesses to move to the area.

QUARRYING: People should try and work with quarries more closely and look at all who may be affected.


Age: 32

BIODATA: Graduated Linganore High 1976. Worked for my father doing auto body repair for 11years on Locust Street in Union Bridge. Now I am doing excavating work for my father, working for my grandfather on his farm, and own andoperate my own dump truck. I have served on the council for the pastfour years and have tried to do what was right. I have been involvedin the prelude to some major changes in Union Bridge and would like to see them through.

NEEDS: We need a second well, infrastructure upgrades and a way to stop the vandalism we are now experiencing at the Community Center.

ANNEXATION/EXPANSION: The Phillips property should be annexed. The property will be developed regardless and public utilities should be used now, not down the road when there is a problem. As for the Lehigh expansion, I'm all for it. It will only improve conditions in town.

ATTRACTING BUSINESS: To bring business to town, you need people. People to work and people to buy the products. Right now, we have neither. The present population barely serves whatbusiness we do have.

QUARRYING: I don't believe there is an answer to this problem. One can never please everyone, so there will always be strife between industry and citizens. Middle ground will have tobe reached, which means compromise from both parties.


Age: 34

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