City Of Taneytown

Taneytown -- May 6

May 05, 1991

Henry Reindollar Jr., Henry Heine Jr. and George Dodson Sr. (seekingthe mayoral seat) and Jacqueline J. Polk and W. Robert Flickinger (running unopposed for council) were asked these four questions:

* What do you view as the city's three most immediate needs?

* Considering the anticipated growth in Taneytown, how could the city assure adequate services for its residents (i.e.: water, roads, fire and emergency services, public facilities)?

* Do you believe the county and towns can meet the 1994 mandate for 15 percent recycling? Do you support mandatory or voluntary recycling? Why? How would you meet costs for recycling?

* Taneytown's ordinance to require a sprinkler system in all new commercial construction, town homes and duplexes, and in additions to those same types of buildings, has come under discussion. Do you support the ordinance? Why or why not? If not, how would you change the law?


Age: 39

BIODATA: No information received.

NEEDS: 1. A place for kids to play. 2. To cleanup the streets around town. 3. Get some new business around town.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: If business doesn't come to town, we won't grow anyway.

RECYCLING: I think that something should happen because in 1995 a lot of landfills will be closed and I don't think the people want trash to build up in their back yards or in their house.

SPRINKLER ORDINANCE: Sprinkler system in town homes and duplexes is too big of a cost to the people of the town and owners. Firedetectors will serve in these homes. Town homes with sprinklers increase cost too much. Smoke detectors are just as practical and more economical.


Age: 44

BIODATA: Married 17 years to Linda (Weller); two children, Michele, 12, and Cathy, 10. B.S., Loyola College. A.A., Community College of Baltimore. Mass Transit Administration (engineer). Booz Allen & Hamilton (management consultant).Sperry Corp. (systems analyst). City Council. Member of the Planningand Zoning Commission. Eight-year member of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Fourth-term president of the Show Stopper Majorette Corp. Current first vice president of Lion's Club of Taneytown. Two-year treasurer of the First Taney Village Homeowners Association. Sixteen-year member, American Legion Post 120. Active member of St. Joseph's Church, Taneytown Heritage Committee.

NEEDS: 1. A revitalization committeeto promote local business and historical preservation of downtown area. 2. Study impact of traffic on Baltimore Street. Access to Baltimore Street from intersections during any period of time is difficult. 3. Develop a plan to upgrade water, sewage and storm water lines in older sections of city.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: The growth of the citymust never exceed the ability to provide services. Each new home or business should be evaluated in terms of its impact on water, sewage,traffic, police protection and education. We should not compromise quality of life for the sake of increasing the tax base.

RECYCLING:Yes, I believe the goal can be met. At this present time, I see no need for mandated recycling. We must concentrate on the education of the people. I think most people are more aware of the solid waste problem and are willing to take steps to correct the problem.

SPRINKLER ORDINANCE: The ordinance addresses two areas: new and existing structures. The problem exists with that portion of ordinance dealing with addition/renovation of an existing structure. The ordinance will most likely be modified to provide more latitude for the owner to add or renovate without requirement of a fire protection system.


Age: 73

BIODATA: Married, five children. B.A. Western Maryland College. Owner, Reindollar Hardware. Captain, U.S. Army. Clerk-treasurer, Taneytown, 28 years. Mayor, three terms. Served on: Carroll County Commission on Aging, Architectural Selection Committee for Northwest Branch Library. Member: Maryland Municipal League,Taneytown Lions Club (secretary/director, 15 years), Monocacy Lodge No. 203, Boumi Temple of Baltimore, American Legion Post 120, CarrollCounty Drug Study Group. Life member: Taneytown Rod and Gun Club. Lifelong active member: Trinity Lutheran Church; former S.S. teacher and council member.

NEEDS: 1. We must modify the sprinkler ordinanceso as not to stifle business and to make our older buildings less difficult to maintain. 2. We must eliminate our "junk" yards and force developers to keep their areas free of weeds and debris. 3. We must encourage more recycling effort.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: Our water andsewer capacities are well ahead of our growth and we aim to keep it so. We must reduce the infiltration in the sewer to a minimum. Then, with state and county cooperation, keep our emergency services upgraded to meet growth.

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