Town Of Sykesville

Sykesville -- May 7

May 05, 1991

Tim Ferguson, Jonathan Herman, Bill Hall, Charles Mullins, Carole Norbeck, Walter White and Maxine Wooleyhand (seeking one of three council seats) were asked these four questions:

* What do you view as the town's three most immediate needs?

* Considering the anticipated growth in Sykesville, how should the town assure adequate services for its residents (i.e.: water, roads, fire and emergency services, public facilities)?

* Do you believe the county and towns can meet the 1994 mandate for 15 percent recycling? Do you support mandatory or voluntary recycling? Why? How wouldyou meet the costs for recycling?

* What is your view of the relationship between the mayor and council? If changes are needed, what steps would you suggest to achieve a productive government?


No reply received.


Age: 42

BIODATA: Married to Carol (Hughes) Hall; four children: Amy, Emily, Holly, andBethany. Four years U.S. Coast Guard, honorable discharge, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal. A.A. degree, Catonsville CommunityCollege, fire protection technician. One year UMBC fire sciences. Baltimore City Fire Department firefighter, 19 years. Warehouse manager, shipping department, Greenberg Pub. Co., Sykesville (part-time). Former paramedic, Baltimore City Fire Department. High school: Model Youth City Council. Past vice president and president, Sykesville Improvement Association. Freelance writer, Carroll County Times. Author: "Turnout," due out in July 1991.

NEEDS: Controlled growth -- we must allow our town to progress while under watchdog eyes. It should notbe allowed to strip our children of their heritage. Grow we must butnot till we bust. Citizen safety -- lack of sidewalks poses unnecessary dangers. Cooperative Town Council -- must restore citizens' faithin council.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: Having a strong and active planning and zoning commission, expanding fire services and a stronger working relationship with the county and state.

RECYCLING: Until there are laws to back it up, voluntary recycling should be strongly encouraged. Careful and watchful review of budgets and review of state and federal grants for such programs could attain the 1994 mandate for15 percent.

COUNCIL-MAYOR RELATIONSHIP: The relationship of Sykesville's council and mayor at this point are severely strained. I feelthe rift has caused an injustice to the town and that now is the time for the voters to change it. Together we can create on May 7 a council that will gladly work together.


Age: 38

BIODATA: Born: Queens, New York, 1953. Attended Ryder College, Lawrenceville, N.J., 1971-72. Graduated cum laude, Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 1976. Married with two children. Owner of Herman Woodworking, a building rehabilitation, carpentry and cabinetmaking business. Have worked on many housing rehab projects, including four buildings in Sykesville. Member: Sykesville Improvement Association, 1986-90; Sykesville Planning Commission since 1988 (chairman, 1989-present). Consultant for the Sykesville Train Station Project, 1989-91.

NEEDS: 1. Maintain current levels of town services (police, parks, trash collection, etc.). 2. Adopt and carry out a master plan that takes the massivegrowth in and around Sykesville into account. 3. Continue Main Street business revitalization efforts.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: The countyand town adequate facilities ordinances must be reviewed and revisedto become more effective in dealing with problems. Developers must contribute to increased costs that the town will bear due to their developments.

RECYCLING: Yes, the town can meet the requirement if itmakes recycling easy and accessible. We should look at the ways other areas deal with this. Different funding methods must be explored, such as sale of recyclables, loans/grants, savings on tipping fees andincentives for businesses that buy recycled materials.

COUNCIL-MAYOR RELATIONSHIP: The mayor and Town Council are essentially players on the same team. The mayor should be given an equal vote with council members in order to prevent a 3-3 tie vote.


No reply received.


No reply received.


Age: 48

BIODATA: I have lived in Sykesville with my wife, Anita, and two sons, Christopher and Michael, for the past six years. My wife and I have been married for 25 years. I received an honorable discharge after serving as an electronic technician for six years in theU.S. Navy Submarine Force. I have been employed by Ford Aerospace/Loral Aerospace of Hanover, Md., for the past 12 years. I am a configuration management analyst and my job is to coordinate, schedule and analyze equipment engineering changes under contract to the Department of Defense.

NEEDS: 1. Restoration of downtown area to include all of Main Street. 2. Attract new businesses while helping to maintain the prosperity of established businesses. 3. Keeping residential growth to a level that will maintain Sykesville's unique character.

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