Town Of Windsor

New Windsor -- May 14

May 05, 1991

Everett Ecker Sr., Charles "Tooter" Fritz, Kenneth Grimes, Roy Johnson and Terry Petry (seeking one of three council seats) were asked these four questions:

* What do you view as the town's three most immediate needs?

* How can New Windsor keep its small town atmosphere as it continues to grow?

* Do you believe the county and towns can meet the 1994 mandate for 15 percent recycling? Do you support mandatory or voluntary recycling? Why? How would you meet the costs involved in recycling?

* How would you resolve the dispute between the quarry ownersand the residents?


Age: 66

BIODATA: Life-long resident of New Windsor Area. Graduate, New Windsor High School. Various courses in business, company and night classes. Married, two children. Principal in New Windsor Hardware, Inc. Member, St. Paul's United Methodist Church. Member, New Windsor Lions Club.

NEEDS: 1. Development and its impact on town. 2. Water and sewerage due to development and new state regulations. Aeration of lagoon, possibly enlargement. New storm water regulations related to springs, etc. 3. Closely tied in importance: Recycling and disposal of limbs, waste, etc. and impact of quarrying on community.

GROWTH: Can you? Requests for more services will necessitate a change in the community. However, proper zoning with regular periodic changes can have, and have had,an impact on how much the area changes.

RECYCLING: At 6 percent now, I doubt it. However, I do support voluntary recycling, maybe curbside rather than mandatory. Why? I don't like the mandatory approach due to the higher costs, more and larger government agencies, and regulations. Those who make the most are going to have to share the higher cost.

QUARRYING: This question concerns me, in that all residents do not have problems with the quarry. Their feelings must be considered likewise. A workable co-existence with the town and quarry should be getting consideration now. The town has made strides in that direction. However, a watchful approach must be maintained.


Age: 72

BIODATA: Graduated New Windsor High School, 1936. Charter member, New Windsor Fire Co., 32 years as assistantchief. Town policeman, 24 years; chief, 22 years. Worked with four different mayors. Lived in town since 1964. Lived just outside of townall my life. Wife, Betty Mae. Son, Ricky. Member, Church of God, Center St., Westminster; church board; fire board, 35 years (chairman 16years); on County Firemen's Hall of Fame. Have worked with communityservice workers for the town. Serve on many fire company committees.School bus driver, nine years.

NEEDS: 1. Control growth of town. 2. To get recycling on right road. 3. Keep the town as a small town or as an old country town with friendly people.

GROWTH: By controlling the growth of town by studying what is good for the town and whatis bad for the town and make laws for this and enforce these laws.

RECYCLING: I believe the town can meet the 1994 15 percent recycling if everybody works together. As a town citizen, I think we should try to do this. I would have to study how to do this, and come up withsome thinking that would work.

QUARRYING: I would try to show theresidents that up to now the quarrys have done very little damage anywhere and that the quarrys are willing to work with the people if they would just listen to what the quarrys are willing to do.


Age: 76

BIODATA: Married 57 years, have two children, three grandsons and four great-grandsons. Manager and Operator of Chesapeake Creameries in Baltimore for 35 years. Owner of Ken-Mar Restaurant in New Windsor for 18 years. and a retired school bus contractor. Served in U.S. Army in Pacific theater. Member of VFW Post No. 8806, New Windsor Lions Club and New Windsor Fire Company.

NEEDS: Keep growth under control as it is now. Full time maintainance man to take care of the town. Repair wall around Brownie's Corner on Mainand High Streets and other sites of historic value to keep New Windsor beautiful.

GROWTH: We have three developments on the books now,approve no more new developments.

RECYCLING: Definitely. I believe the county and towns can meet the 1994 mandate for 15 percent recycling. I feel the citizens of New Windsor will recycle on a voluntary basis, therefore I support voluntary recycling. The costs involved inrecycling will be self-supporting.

QUARRYING: I am taking the dispute very seriously and weighing the issues between both parties.


Age: 62

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