Town Of Hampstead

Hampstead -- May 14

May 05, 1991

C. Clinton Becker (unopposed for mayor) and Arthur Moler and Gary Bauer (unopposed for council) were asked these four questions:

* What do you view as the town's three most immediate needs?

* Considering the anticipated growth in Hampstead, how should thetown assure adequate services for its residents (i.e.: water, roads,fire and emergency services, public facilities)?

* Do you believethe county and towns can meet the 1994 mandate for 15 percent recycling? Do you support mandatory or voluntary recycling? Why? How would you meet the costs involved in recycling?

* Do you support the continuation of annexation to Hampstead or would you support greater controls over growth? Why? What type of annexation should the town government support (i.e.: industrial, low density housing, high density housing)?


Age: 43

BIODATA: A.A. degree in finance, 1973, B.S. degree in business management, 1975, Johns Hopkins University. Employed by the Bell System for 25 years. Currently financial analyst with the Bell Atlantic Corporation. Hampstead Municipal Government experience: Planning and Zoning Commission 1987-1991, Board of Zoning Appeals 1988-1989, Councilman 1989-current. Responsibilitiesas councilman: roads, refuse and recycling, municipal buildings. Resident of the Hampstead area since 1978. Town resident (Fields of Hampstead) since 1986. Member Wesley United Methodist Church, Hampstead. Married to the former Terry Mercer, July, 1990. Two children: Christopher, 24, Manchester; and Kimberly, 23, student at University of Baltimore.

NEEDS: 1. Most immediate need is the Route 30 bypass. 2. Growth management -- adequate levels of service to residents must not be sacrificed for development. 3. Continued competent fiscal management without tax rate increases.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: Except for water and police, the county provides services associated with growth. Agencies must certify adequate facilities exist prior to development. Amore comprehensive county adequate facilities ordinance is essential.

RECYCLING: Yes, currently county is recycling 6 percent. Citizens have awareness to make voluntary recycling work, which I support. Recycling is a necessary alternative to landfilling and tax funded as refuse removal.

ANNEXATION: Annexation controls jurisdiction, not growth. I oppose annexation of agriculturally zoned land. I support annexation within the water-sewer service area, and clean industrial zoned property on a limited basis.


Age: 44

BIODATA: Served on Hampstead council 1984-1987. During this time, helped toget office computerized and ordinances codified. Wrote employees handbook. Served on water and police committees. Established liaison between town and business community. Re-appointed to council, fall 1990.Served on: Centennial Committee of Hampstead; Maryland Municipal League's Planning and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, legislative committee, board of directors. Served as: president, Carroll Chapter, Maryland Municipal League; treasurer, Hampstead director, Tri-District Republican Club; state treasurer, Kemp Presidential Campaign; Carroll County treasurer, Bush presidential (Keyes, Senate) campaigns. President, East Carroll Republican Club. Appointed chairman, Hampstead Board of Zoning Appeals, September 1989. Member, Westminster Elks.

NEEDS: More community involvement at Council and Planning and Zoning meetings. The bypass is needed for economic development and job generation for our children's future. As the town continues to grow. . .

GROWTH AND SERVICES: Water and roads are the developer's responsibility in the planning and completion of their project. All other public facilities and emergency services are responsibility of county and local fire company. Communication is key. . .

RECYCLING: Attainable, but mandatory recycling will be necessary. Tipping fees will coversome of cost. For curbside recycling, haulers are going to find it necessary to pass cost on to customers.

ANNEXATION: The town does not actively seek annexations but is approached by the property owner or owners. Annexation is probably the best method for the town to control growth.


Age: 58

BIODATA: Married -- wife Elaine, two children grown and both live in Colorado. I work for Black and Decker as a quality control supervisor. I belong to Lebanon Lodge 175, Manchester, Lebanon Chapter Order of the Eastern Star, Mayberry Game Protection Association. My wife and I are square dancers and belong to the Carroll Promenaders Square Dance Club. I have served on theTown Council for eight years and have served on the town Planning and Zoning for eight years.

NEEDS: Controlled growth of the town andsee that the Hampstead bypass is completed.

GROWTH AND SERVICES: Work with the county and developers to assure that these facilities grow as the community population grows.

RECYCLING: Yes, Hampstead as well as all of the other seven incorporated towns in Carroll Countyhave started recycling programs, and Hampstead is planning to start recycling newspapers this year.

ANNEXATION: I have always supported the Maryland state law that allows annexation. At the present time we have restricted industrial, high-density and low-density zoning and development in Hampstead.

(Arthur Moler)

(Vote for one mayor and two council members)

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