Kudos From Rose Haven

Readers write

May 05, 1991

From: Quentin Silone Proctor

Rose Haven on the Bay

North Beach

May I take this means of thanking you and your staff for the excellent article in the Wednesday, April 10, 1991, issue of The Anne Arundel County Sun on our little community of Rose Haven on the Bay, down here in "South County."

It was a pleasure discussing the problems and pleasures of living in the community of Rose Haven on the Bay with your news reporter, Elise Armacost.

The professionalism of your photographer, Kim Hairston, in capturing the environs of our community -- including the Marina, the Bayside, and the people -- was excellent.

And we appreciate Elise Armacost and Kim Hairston, as well as yourself, for your interest in Rose Haven on the Bay. Visit us again!


From: Robin Oldfather

Community Crusade Coordinator

American Cancer Society

Maryland Division Inc.

On behalf of those whose lives are touched by cancer,the American Cancer Society would like to thank all of the volunteers participating in our annual Community Crusade.

By calling on your neighbors and collecting donations, you make it possible for us to continue providing wheelchairs and hospital beds to cancer patients.

School children will learn from Huffless Puffless Dragon that smoking is bad for their healthy bodies.

Countless cancer scientists will have the funding to continue vital research projects that will one day be responsible for putting an end to cancer.

All thanks to you. You care about those suffering because of cancer and you are doing something about it. Thank you.


From: Edward Middlebrooks

District 2 Councilman

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the parents, educators, guidance counselors, PTAs and community groups who have contacted me in the last few weeks concerning the proposed Board of Education budget, FY92.

The input of these citizens has proved enlightening and invaluable to me, and will serve me well as the County Council embarks on the Maybudget session.

The elimination of elementary instrumental music programs, the curtailment of guidance counseling services during the summer, and the basic needs of individual schools in District 2 and elsewhere in Anne Arundel County -- all have been addressed by citizens with a mixture of concern, anger, and frustration.

I want to seethese programs continue, and I intend to support funding of these programs for the upcoming fiscal year.

Certainly, the County Councilwill be faced with difficult decisions in approving an equitable budget in these austere economic times.

I believe we should make every effort to save our educational programs and consider cost-saving measures in other areas of local government beside education. Cultural enrichment and special services our children derive from these programs should not be forsaken.

Again, I thank you all for your lettersand calls, and encourage continued communication during and after the budget session.


From: Peg Burroughs

Board of Directors

Save Our Streams

On May 11, 1991, I will be attending a search for potential pollution sources on the Severn River organized by Maryland Save Our Streams.

This will be a fine exampleof cooperation on environmental issues between local government, Anne Arundel County, state government, the Department of Natural Resources, industry, Westinghouse and concerned private citizens.

Searchers will be trained prior to their investigation on foot or by boat atseveral locations in the Severn River Watershed.

If anyone wishesto participate, call Save Our Streams at (800) 448-5826 to get more information and make a reservation.

Thank you for keeping your readers informed about this event.


From: Students and teachers

Severn School

Severna Park

Editor's Note: The following letter is signed by 200 students and teachers at the Severn School.

We, the undersigned students and teachers in Severn School, Severna Park, ask:

1. That the Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning retract their approval of building permit number B02-033-0-601, File DWF, No. 411-90;

2. That the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, deny wetlands filling application number CE-NABOP-RW (Rushton, Joseph) 91-60054-1.

3. That other county, state and federal officials prevent this act of environmental barbarism along the Severn River.

Does the term "critical areas" mean anything in the real world? Should we or our Environmental Club bother to lobby for such laws when authorities routinely (exempt) developers from them?

Thirteen years ago, four of our schoolmates testified in a hearing and persuaded the County Council to add Sullivan's Cove Marsh to the county's official "List of Critical Areas."

Now Planning and Zoning says the list's protection applies only to new subdivisions. If so, forget the list. Most of the county's critical areas are marshes and the applications will most likely be for single unit jobs like this one.

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