Prices of stereotype toys

May 05, 1991|By Scott Ponemone

Auctioneer Tim Gordon held a sale at the Frederic Fairgrounds April 27 of toys, banks, stand-up advertising items and Christmas items. The following are black memorablilia from the sale with the hammer price before sales tax. There was no buyer's premium.

None of the windup dancing toys was sold in its original box. If any had been, its price might have been 30 to 50 percent higher.

Each item is graded on a 1 to 10 scale (with 10 as perfect condition) by Harry Hill, who runs an antique toy shop, Former Times, in Keedysville.

*Jazzbo Jim with fiddler, by Unique Art, Newark, N.J., patented 1921. Grade 8. $525

*Jazzbo Jim without fiddler, by Ferdinand Strauss Corp., New York City, patented 1921. Grade 8. $425

*Dapper Dan, by Louis Marx & Co., New York City, patented 1910. Grade 7, some scratches and discolored box. $700.

*Ham and Sam at the piano, by Strauss, patented 1921. Grade 7, paint loss. $475

*Somstepa Coon Jigger, by Marx, one of the smaller jiggers made, from early 1910s. Grade 9. $525

*Tombo Alabama Coon Jigger, by Strauss, patented 1910. Grade 8, rare, with no wear to top of box. $550.

*Soap doll with paper skirt and original box, made in Lancaster, ++ Pa., around 1930. $65.

The last two items are quite scarce. They are mint-condition patterns for dolls, made to be cut out, sewn together and stuffed, usually with straw or cotton. Once made, these dolls of thin cotton fabric and lithographed features quickly wore out. Both were offered framed.

*Pickaniny, an English design of 1892 printed by the Arnold Print Works, North Adams, Mass. $300.

*Darkie Doll, printed by Lawrence & Co. of Boston, New York and Philadelphia, patented 1893. $375.

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