S&P's property and casualty insurer solvency

May 05, 1991

The following table reflects the financial strength of property and casualty insurance companies writing policies in Maryland, as assessed by Standard & Poor's.

The table contains two types of analysis. The broadest category is for companies receiving "qualified" ratings, derived from a newly developed, broad computer analysis using 1989 data filed publicly with regulators. Standard & Poor's analysts explain the rating system using a stoplight analogy. BBBq, the highest rating, is similar to a green light, BBq a yellow light, and Bq a red light. Because the analysis is broad, however, they caution individuals to use it only as a "first cut" in assessing a company, and not as a definitive analysis.

Some of the larger companies are rated using Standard and Poor's more traditional methodology, which draws on public and private data and interviews with company executives. Under this system, companies are ranked from AAA to D, with AAA through BBB considered "secure" and BB through D "vulnerable." A ** indicates there was no rating for the company. An * indicates the firm is based in Maryland; *** indicates the firm is based and licensed in Maryland.

Name.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .rating

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