Mitchell's suspension cut to 1, served

May 04, 1991

Kevin Mitchell's suspension was reduced from two games to one game yesterday by National League president Bill White after he heard an appeal by the San Francisco Giants outfielder.

Mitchell originally was suspended for two games for charging the mound April 10 against the San Diego Padres. He missed last night's game against the New York Mets and is eligible to return today.

"Kevin had been an exemplary player for his entire career," said Eugene Orza, who argued the appeal for the Major League Baseball Players Association. "Then there were some extenuating circumstances of a personal nature at the time, which I don't want to get into. And Kevin indicated he overreacted.

In the game against the Padres, Mitchell homered in the second inning off Bruce Hurst and was brushed back off the plate by a high, inside pitch in the fourth. The next pitch bounced in the dirt and hit Mitchell in the foot.

He reacted by charging Hurst, knocking down the pitcher before first baseman Fred McGriff tackled Mitchell.

Mitchell was ejected.

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