Who said, "Some get a kick from...


May 04, 1991|By THEO LIPPMAN JR.

VIRGINIA POP QUIZ! 1. Who said, "Some get a kick from cocaine. I'm sure that if I took even one sniff, that would bore me terrifically, too. But I get a kick out of you."?

A. Stephen Sondheim

B. Cole Porter

C. Johnny Mercer

D. Sen. Chuck Robb

Answer: D.

2. To whom did he say it?

A. Mrs. Chuck Robb

B. Miss Virginia/USA Tai Collins

C. Gov. L. Douglas Wilder

D. Tom Brokaw

Answer: B.

3. Senator Robb said his rival for Democratic Party leadership in the state, Governor Wilder, leaked unspecified information to NBC about him. Asked to respond, an aide to Governor Wilder said, "We have no comment on what's being said about Robb's sexual relations and drug involvement." That was:

A. A stonewall

B. A cheap shot

C. Another nail in the coffin of Senator Robb's presidential aspirations

D. All of the above

Answer: D.

4. True or False? Senator Robb won election to high office in part because he assertively portrayed himself as a great husband and father, strong on family values.

Answer: True.

5. True or false? Journalists have no right to search for and DTC reveal evidence to the contrary on such so-called "character" issues.

Answer: False.

6. Senator Robb was born and raised in:

A. The Tidewater

B. The Shenandoah Valley

C. Arizona

Answer: C.

7. Virginia's other senator, John Warner, was born and raised in:

A. The Tidewater

B. The Shenandoah Valley

C. Washington, D.C.

Answer C.

8. Though not a native, Senator Robb became well known enough to win his first election because:

A. He was a football star at UVA

B. He was a Marine

C. He married Lyndon Johnson's daughter

Answer: C.

9. Senator Warner became well-to-do enough and well-known enough to get elected thanks to:

A. Multi-millionaire first wife Catherine Mellon

B. Super-star second wife Elizabeth Taylor

C. Both

D. Neither

Answer: C.

10. Governor Wilder's presidential campaign may be financed in part by:


B. The Commonwealth Club

C. Wilder's billionaire girl friend Patrician Kluge

Answer: C.

11. The state's official slogan is:

A. The Mother of Presidents

B. The Gigolo State

C. Virginia is for Lovers

Answer: C.

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