Tillie Friedenberg

May 04, 1991|By Tillie Friedenberg

Trudging heat-red Hopi mesas

Panting, you and I, old lover,

Relishing these sandy moments

Walking bone hard plateau land.

Sun's rays meet the mesa's edges

Turquoise skies surpass gem blueness

Ancient shadows of Kachinas

cast patina'd spirit spells.

Butterfly Kachina Dancer

She with clay beads on her forehead

Twirls enticements to Rain Spirit

Black Bear quells all tribal frights.

Souvenirs of driftwood god-dolls

Trimmed with feathers, fur ruffed neck rings:

Blind Eyed Traveler, strong for walking

Carries Weak Legs on his back.

When you, long time pale-face lover,

Like Blind Traveler doll-kachina

Carry me upon your shoulder

I will reach high from your shoulder

Seizing every sudden rainbow

Weaving every sudden rainbow

In your luminous silver hair.

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