Duffy's, 3438 Frederick Ave., 945-1011. Baltimoreans...


May 04, 1991|By MARY MAUSHARD | MARY MAUSHARD,The Evening SunThe Sun The Sunday Sun

Duffy's, 3438 Frederick Ave., 945-1011. Baltimoreans interested in good food at reasonable prices are missing a bet if they don't stop at this remarkably nondescript building on Frederick Avenue just past the Irvington neighborhood sign. Duffy's large menu gives diners the whole picture: Wines, cocktails and beers are listed on the front; desserts and sandwiches on the back. In the middle, a wide selection of entrees, salads and a la carte vegetables. Each main course comes two ways -- as an entree, which includes a salad and two vegetables, or as a full course, with soup or juice, salad, vegetables, dessert and coffee for about $2.25 more. No one need leave Duffy's hungry. $inexpensive. (Last visited 3/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Moscow Nights, Sutton Place, 1111 Park Ave., 669-7200. Forget the tales of black bread, mystery meat and food shortages. Russia has a delightful native cuisine, and at Moscow Nights it is cheerfully served in a setting of true capitalist (or is that czarist?) excess. Free vodka and caviar are served with your dinner, which might be a Continental classic or a regional Soviet specialty. Service is super-attentive, and on weekends you can dance to a live combo which plays Russian pop music. $$moderate. (Last visited 1/91.)

JANICE BAKER Scarlett Cove Cafe, 200 S. President St., 783-8760. Away from Tio Pepe, how well can Angel Sanz cook? Very well. We liked our appetizers, a Mediterranean seafood soup, garlic shrimp, and a velvety, molten black bean soup. We liked our entrees, too -- paella Valenciana, thick with chorizo, clams and mussels, chicken, green peas, and slices of red pepper and onion; broiled red snapper; and sirloin steak pizzaiola, a large, thick, pink and tender piece of beef, heaped with fresh-sauteed onions, and red and green peppers. $$$expensive. (Last visited 3/91.)

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