6-month extension sought for zoning lawyer

May 03, 1991

Baltimore County People's Counsel Phyllis Friedman told the Baltimore County Council yesterday that her office needs two lawyers to represent communities facing development, not just the one initially proposed by County Executive Roger B. Hayden.

Ms. Friedman said when she learned Mr. Hayden's proposed $114,151 budget for her office axed her deputy counsel, she wrote him a letter asking him to retain the deputy's post that has been staffed since the office was created in 1974. Mr. Hayden agreed to drop the paralegal position he had proposed as a replacement and to retain the office's second lawyer, Peter Max Zimmerman, for the first six months of the fiscal year, she said.

She said she's optimistic that contingency funds can be found to continue to pay Mr. Zimmerman's salary for the rest of the year.

The office was set up to help communities address zoning and land use issues and give them access to legal help.

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