Boston Street Cafe mirrors community

May 03, 1991|By Mike Giuliano

Boston Street Cafe

Where: 2322 Boston St., Canton.

Hours: 11 a.m.-1 a.m. Mondays to Saturdays, closed Sundays.

Menu: Light fare, raw bar. Full-service restaurant opening in several weeks.

Credit cards: V, MC, AE, Diners.

Call: 558-2347.

Wherever a gold coast develops, golden ale is sure to soon flow.

So it is in Canton, the waterside community that has been radically transformed in recent years. The marina and condo crowd now break in their expensive boat shoes at the very waterfront sites where factory workers once toiled. New bars and restaurants have sprung up too, and the latest entry is the Boston Street Cafe, which never lets you forget that this is a waterside neighborhood. Although it is located on the north side of the main drag, Boston Street, its large plate glass window offers a broad view toward the water.

Even if you turn your attention inward, to the bar top itself, you'll be staring down at Chesapeake Bay nautical maps sealed under the glass-like material covering the bar top. And naturally there is a raw bar menu to help you taste the sea, too.

Boston Street Cafe was opened a little over a month ago by two brothers, 22-year-old Luke Reeder and 27-year-old Lester. Luke says the bar has been drawing some longtime neighborhood residents, but for the most part is getting the newer residential arrivals.

The crowd mix broadens on Friday and Saturday nights with Fells Point spillover. This bar is especially popular with Towsonites.

Boston Street Cafe is a welcoming spot for residents and tourists alike. It still has that new bar look and smell, as if the woodwork had yet to suffer any spills. There also are such amenities as sporting games, free popcorn, live acoustic entertainment Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and a mere $1.25 for domestic long neck bottled beer on Thursday nights.

And in a few weeks, the second floor will open as a restaurant for lunch and dinner.

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