Directory to list black professionals in Baltimore

May 03, 1991|By Maria Mallory

SuccessGuide, a directory of black professionals and entrepreneurs that has already made its debut in seven major U.S. cities, will be coming to Baltimore, said publisher George C. Fraser.

"We are negotiating a licensing arrangement as we speak," said Mr. Fraser, who is also president of Cleveland-based SuccessSource Inc., a company that promotes networking among black managers and business owners.

SuccessSource has published a Cleveland edition of the directory for the past three years. With the start of 1990, Mr. Fraser's company began producing the glossy, 300-page guides for New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Washington and the Cincinnati-Dayton metropolitan area.

The Baltimore directory will be a part of the next expansion and should be ready for distribution by 1993, Mr. Fraser said.

SuccessGuide uses color-coded sections to list its subjects by clubs and organizations, leaders, volunteers, professionals, business owners and supervisors, Mr. Fraser said.

To be included, black professionals must meet a set of criteria and also must be leaders in their respective fields, he said. "You have to qualify, and you have to be about excellence and about networking."

The guides were created to help uplift and enhance the way the black community is perceived.

"I am deeply concerned about the image of black people in this country," said Mr. Fraser, adding that African-Americans are generally associated with welfare, drugs and crime or singing, dancing and sports.

"There is very little written and told about the black middle class," Mr. Fraser asserted.

SuccessGuide aims to change that.

"It lists thousands of top black professionals in every category imaginable, publishing it in a way black people will be proud of."

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