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May 01, 1991

Even though construction has made BWI look like Beirut after a bad night, it is still a better airport than a lot of the others around.

First off, it has Dunkin Donuts carts set up in several locations, some close enough to the boarding areas to satisfy any caffeine freak. That's a vast improvement on the battery acid being sold by other shops in the airport.

It has a Nathan's hot dog stand -- top that, Logan Airport.

Itis clean (unlike O'Hare), the help is helpful (unlike Kennedy) and you can actually find a place to park (take notes, National).

It isn't in the middle of nowhere, either. (Are you listening, Dulles?)

Having said that, there are a couple of things that might make BWI an even happier landing.

The final approach to BWI can be a real adventure for motorists. Trucks, shuttle buses and cars are all sucked into a small area and spit out in different directions. The survivorsare those who don't have to take one eye off the road to read the signs.

And speaking of signs, some of the ones outside the terminal are stuck on the wrong side of the supporting posts. What traveler, lugging several bags, wants to step off the curb and into the path of a taxi to determine if they're in the right spot to pick up the satellite parking shuttle? Maybe Ernest Hemingway -- he had a sense of adventure.

Can we do something about the public address system, folks? At times, it sounded like that scene from the movie, "Airplane," with two voices competing for your attention. And thanks to the jets zooming overhead, messages on the outside speakers sound something like: "Would all passengers waiting for baggage from Flight 3632 please rrrrrRRRRRRRRR. Thank you."

And one more thing. Could you please turn up the lights in the connecting corridors and on the lower level? The dim settings makes one wonder if the approaching uniformed personis really a sommelier about to ask you to sample an '82 Cabernet.

BWI has minor flaws

BY: Candy Thomson

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