Navy prevents company from getting contracts

May 01, 1991|By Erik Nelson

The Navy announced yesterday that it had prohibited a Howard County defense contractor, Daedalean Inc., from getting federal contracts.

The company has been barred from bidding on government contracts pending the outcome of the Navy's "debarment" proceedings, a Navy spokesman said. The proposed debarment stems from the December income tax evasion conviction of the company's owners, Alagu P. Thiruvengadam of Ellicott City and Ambrose A. Hochrein of Olney.

Last Friday, the company, which manufactures training simulators for military equipment such as helicopters and tanks, "terminated a work force of approximately 100," said Curtis M. Kane, spokesman for the state Department of Economic and Employment Development.

A woman who answered the telephone at the company's Woodbine headquarters said company management would not comment on the layoffs or the debarment.

The Navy's proposed debarment also applies to Thiruvengadam and Hochrein and two partnerships they own, Cooksville Land Development Co. and Technology Associates Partnership.

The companies and owners proposed for debarment have 30 days within which to contest the action. Their case will be considered by a debarment committee, which will in turn make a recommendation to Navy procurement officials whether to ban the company from government contracting for up to three years.

Erik Nelson is a reporter for The Howard County Sun, a suburban edition of The Baltimore Sun.

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