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April 30, 1991

Give Blast players credit

* Some things don't make it into the headlines. We manage to hear about the sensational, the questionable and the bad about our public figures. After all, that's what news is. We don't always hear about the ordinary, everyday kindnesses that only affect a few people.

My husband and I are Blast season-ticket holders. We're also the parents of James, almost 7, and Nicklas, almost 4. The boys get to occasional Blast games, and they look up to the players as role models. This year, we took the boys to the annual season-ticket holders' picnic, hoping for the chance of talking to one or two of the players and maybe getting an autograph.

The picnic fell on the day after the Blast's last regular-season game, and on the same day as the game that would decide whether the Blast made the playoffs. Despite this, all the players showed up and I constantly heard comments about how friendly they were.

Both of my boys have their favorites. The younger boy adores Domenic Mobilio. Because of that, my husband asked Domenic to share our picnic table. Domenic spent his lunchtime with a very small fan who kept inching closer and closer until Nicklas was practically sitting on his lap. After Domenic left the table, Nicklas followed him, and he got the very obliging Mr. Mobilio involved in a private game of ball.

Later, my older son and my husband made the rounds for autographs. When I caught up to them, James was proudly telling Scott Manning about how his little league soccer team had been unscored upon during the season. James had often been the goalie. Scott talked and listened to my son, signaling others to wait their turn, when he could have just as easily hurried through an autograph signing and motioned the next person up.

It won't make headlines, but it meant a lot to us -- two little boys who spent some time with their heroes, and two parents who saw their kids' heroes deserving of the title.

Pat Pallozzi


Frank must go

* Since the local media won't say it, I will. The Orioles will not consistently win with Frank Robinson managing! Why?

First, he is not capable of making difficult decisions regarding personnel, the latest example being Craig Worthington and Leo Gomez.

Second, he has no strategy for the team. In '89, it was run and make something happen. In '90, it was merry-go-round baseball. No one ever got a chance to really prove himself over time. In '91, it's the long ball -- all or nothing.

Finally, Robinson has never really proven himself as a manager. After one successful year in San Francisco, the team started losing. He didn't get the job done in Cleveland, and after '89, an aberration at best, he has failed to demonstrate the leadership and imagination that winning ballclubs exhibit.

It's time to kick No. 20 back upstairs.

Carl Lauer


Joe Louis remembered

* April of this year marks the 10th anniversary of Joe Louis' death. The Brown Bomber, longest reigning heavyweight champ, will always be remembered by fight fans and the boxing world for his greatness and style of living. There will never be another to match him.

What he did for boxing and this country was repaid to him with a postage stamp, but more should be done. A monument and a TV story of his life and fame would be an honored conclusion to a never forgotten legend.

#Joseph Thaddeus Kasprzak



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