Tennis pro tribute was a 'Smashing Celebration'

Sylvia Badger

April 30, 1991|By Sylvia Badger

HARBOR COURT HOTEL was the scene of a "Smashing Celebration" honoring Maury Schwartzman, Baltimore's veteran tennis coach. Maury, who has taught some of Baltimore's best known citizens how to play tennis during the last 50 years, was hailed over the weekend for his special dedication to coaching junior athletes.

Among those who came to the party were Maury's wife, Judy, and daughters and sons-in-laws Dr. and Mrs. Peyton Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schudel. Others holding forth at their tables were Pam Shriver, Jeff Lamborn, Elise Burgin and Harold Burgin, Dr. and Mrs. Earl Galleher Jr, Brooke Gorman, Buzzy Hettleman, Harry and Dal Ratrie, Lenny Schloss and Henry and Nancy Hopkins. Also on hand were Bob and Emily DiCicco, owners of Bare Hills Tennis Club where Maury teaches these days, and Laura Dupont, tennis pro at the Orchard Tennis Club.

Proceeds from the gala tribute will benefit the Greater Baltimore Tennis Patrons and area junior tennis programs.

There's a new kid on the block who's attracting lots of attention. The Mediterranean Restaurant, owned by Maria Karvounis and John Drakopovlous, is located on the 4900 block of Eastern Avenue near the Francis Scott Key Burn Center. The word is out about the tasty array of Greek/American dishes being prepared by Chef Michael Kamaratos and the seafood goodies prepared by Chef Oliver Clark for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Among those who have popped in since The Mediterranean opened have been Gov. William Donald Schaefer and his buddy Gene Raynor, Mayor Kurt Schmoke, Dr. Levi Watkins, Edie and Stanley Brown, Courtney McKeldin, Gil Stottler, Bruce Quackenbush and even the ambassadors from Greece, Syria and Pakistan, who came for dinner and liked the food so much that they came the next day for lunch.

Wouldn't you think one of the safest places to stay would be at the home of a Deputy Baltimore City Police Commissioner? Well, nothing is sacred with crooks these days and Gary and Donna Padussis can vouch for that. While waiting for their new home to be completed, this young couple moved in with her parents, Deputy Police Commissioner and Mrs. Mike Zotas. During that time, I'm told that Gary has had his sporty looking little truck stolen three times.

In these tight economic times, party planners have to come up with bigger and better ideas to attract folks to their fund raisers. Members of The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation opted to whisk its guests away to Casablanca and it was well received. Hundreds of people joined the fun at the Hyatt Regency to help find a cure for diabetes and to honor one of the most popular CEO's in the state, George McGowan of BG&E.

Among the local execs who turned out to honor one of their own were Hal Donofrio, Richardson, Myers & Donofrio; Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Flanigan III, P. Flanigan & Sons; Mr. and Mrs. Theo Rodgers, A&R Development; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rosenberg Jr., Crown Central Petroleum; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan, Merry-Go Round Enterprises; Mr. and Mrs. Otis Warren, Warren Real Estate Services; and Mark Lieberman, Londontown Corp.

It's official, big band leader Zim Zemeral says he's now a member of the "zipper club" -- since his successful triple bypass surgery recently at St. Joseph's Hospital. He's doing well, but regrets having to miss a couple of biggie concerts, namely, Bob Hope and Al Martino, concerts his band will play, though. It seems Hope and Martino travel with their own conductors but use local bands.

Zim will be around during all the Preakness activities, though.

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