Five-day penalty is like one to Clemens

John Steadman

April 29, 1991|By John Steadman

NOTEworthy Day: Someone should tell baseball commissioner Fay Vincent a five-day suspension for pitcher Roger Clemens is nothing more than a one-game penalty -- since he's only missing a single start. When is Vincent going to do something right?

With bonuses and seniority clauses coming into play, National League umpire Harry Wendelstedt, the Kenwood High alumnus, will earn more than $200,000 this season . . . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but the smoothest swing on the pro golf tour belongs to Jodie Mudd . . . It happened in an Eastern Shore T-ball game: A 7-year-old was told to run home and literally did -- out past leftfield to the house where he lived -- until teammates flagged him down . . . If we owned a baseball team we'd want either Rick Dempsey or Dave Johnson to manage it . . . Mel Kiper Jr. has become so good at what he does, evaluating talent in the NFL draft, some team ought to hire him . . . Oriole Opening Day programs are already a collector's item.

The new River Run golf course near Ocean City will be formally opened next month with an appearance from the designer himself, Gary Player . . . Notre Dame is being bashed all over for its treatment of basketball coach Digger Phelps, who graduated all his recruits for 20 years and had only three losing seasons . . . Joe Holman, one of the last of the old-time press agents, died at age 88 in Manassas, Va., after making a career out of being kind and considerate . . . A sad and ironic fact of life is jockey Willie Shoemaker could handle a thoroughbred (winning 8,833 races) but alcohol and driving a Bronco threw him into what is expected to be permanent paralysis . . . Phil Wood's story on old baseball uniforms gets top play in May issue of "Tuff Stuff" magazine.

Baltimorean Dick Hendrickson, a Poly grad, is doing better on the Senior PGA Tour than any golfer from home-pro ranks . . . Mickey Tettleton, as happened last year with the Orioles, is off to a slow start (batting .167) with the Detroit Tigers . . . There's no better scenario than seeing a pitcher hit a home run to win his own game, but it can't happen in the American League, where the regrettable DH still prevails . . . The year 1941 was momentous, as witness Ted Williams batting .406 and Joe DiMaggio hitting in 56 straight games, but it also was the year Baltimore City College had its 58-game undefeated football streak ended by Miami (Fla.) High School . . . Orioles should upgrade Cal Ripken Jr.'s contract to what Glenn Davis is making.

In Barcelona, site of the 1992 Olympics, the mayor is a former Johns Hopkins University economics professor, one Pasqual Maragall . . . A book written by Bill Kirkland of Charlottesville, Va., is scheduled for December publication on the baseball career of Eddie Neville, a Mount St. Joseph's lefthander who won 187 games in the minor leagues . . . Two former Colts, Lou Michaels and Dick Szymanski, made strong showings in vote for Polish-American Hall of Fame but couldn't overtake Ron Jaworski, Mike Krzyzewski and Olympic weightlifter Stan Stanczyk . . . It was 50 years ago when Andy Gibson, pro emeritus at Country Club of Maryland, played in the Masters, won in 1941 by Craig Wood . . . Homewood Field on Johns Hopkins campus has more history than any sports facility in state.

Ex-International League Oriole Gene Corbett gave friend C.R. Hook, a Salisbury radio announcer, his first major-league contract, still in mint condition, which called for $150 a month from Philadelphia Phils in 1936 . . . Eileen "Beans" Kelly, who started in golf at Pine Ridge and now coaches the University of Georgia varsity, recruited one of the nation's leading players, Vicki Goetze, the 1989 women's amateur champion . . . In 116 years, only one Maryland-bred, Kauai King, has won the Kentucky Derby . . . Ex-Colt George Taliaferro a vice president at his alma mater, Indiana . . . You're getting to be a "young old-timer" if you remember when tiny Oriole Park had the world's largest scoreboard.

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