Developers' Destruction

Readers write

April 28, 1991

From: Robert Beaty


I've had enough! Being a fifth-generation Harford countian, my family and I have seen more than enough infringement from new developments. Now these developers are up in arms because they might have to plant a few trees.

I have witnessed the leveling of Joppa, Edgewood, Abingdon and Bel Air. How many trees were cut down? How many were replaced? Very, very few. All of this just for the sake of another over-priced cracker box which I could never afford without government assistance. It's a real shame that lifelong residents have had to bow down to developers. All they do is take, take, take. Show us your appreciation and give something back for a change.

Look at the development of Constant Friendship. When a proposal was made to cut down the trees and build a mall next door, these people fought tooth and nail and won. They claimed they moved here to get away from the city anda mall would spoil all that beautiful scenery. I don't know how manyof them have noticed, but how many trees did the developer leave behind or plant? Not many, if any.

Highway development is another thing that really gets to me. Next time you drive up Route 24 take look at the swath of trees that was removed for the project. Was it reallynecessary to clear an area that wide? No. Now drive along Interstate95 and see the difference. The trees are closer to the highway. Whata difference 25 years makes. As far as I can see, if we let these developers get away with it they will.

This year will be the last year I'll be able to run the dogs in Lohr's Orchard (development), the last summer I'll be able to bite into a peach that was split open by the rain, the last time I can look out over the Gunpowder River and count the trains crossing over from Chase -- these developers can takethe land, but they can't take my memories.

Hey, you developers, plant a tree!


From: Jule Webber

Havre de Grace

At this time every year, teachers can expect to hear countless scenarios concerning the glories of their profession. This yearis no different. It would seem from what Patricia Stilwell says ("Teachers have it good," Harford County Sun, April 7), that the teachingprofession is a new-found utopian profession. I am shocked that she has not rushed out and signed up for the courses necessary for a teaching degree (maybe she saw the price tag attached).

I can't imagine why she wouldn't join this profession replete with so many pluses compared to 12-month employment, which seems so minus-filled and dismal. She, too, could roll over in her bed on those snowy mornings.

Teachers do not make the decision to cancel school due to weather conditions. However, the last time I heard, the people who make the decision base it on the safety of the children because of dangerous road conditions, not as a bonus given to teachers to roll over in their beds. There are teachers who are dressed and on their way to school before the decision is made to cancel. This day is made up in the calendar.

The majority of teachers start their day one hour and 45 minutes before the usual 12-month employee's starting time of 9 a.m. Those 12-month employees get to stay in their beds those extra hours every work day. The teachers' work day does end earlier because it starts earlier. However, meetings, extra help sessions for the students, clubs, and parent conferences extend the teachers' work day (overtime notpaid). The 12-month employees enjoy a one-hour lunch. In Harford County, all middle school teachers get 25 minutes for lunch. The other county teachers get 30 minutes.

Stilwell did not heed her teachers when they taught her about planning ahead. Since the weather in Maryland is so unpredictable, Stilwell should make arrangements in advancefor her day care in case of a snow day. Then, she could replace the adjective "frantic" with "calm and organized."

(Harford County SunEditor) Mark Guidera mentions that a master's degree plus 30 semester hours of advanced study is equivalent to one year beyond the master's. This would be true if you were not working full time. Thirty semester hours are 10 courses. Taking one course each semester at night while you teach and two courses in the summer makes it a three-year program. The public is also not aware that a teacher with 30 years' experience makes the same salary as a teacher with 15 years' experience.

Once you reach the 15th year, there are no increments. Therefore,all salaries are the same for teaching with 15 through 30 years experience. The only way to increase your salary is to get the master's and master's plus 30. This is also true in 12-month employment. Employees do not take courses for the sake of taking courses. They are usually working toward a promotion or an advancement, which in turn giveshigher pay.

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