Thanks, Teachers

Readers write

April 28, 1991

From: Ann Balcerzak


The week of April 15, Howard County public school teachers "worked to rule."

I have two children in the public school system and, based on my observations, little changed in the public school system and, based on my observations, little changed in their educational experience this week.

My children came home with their full agenda ofassignments and told their familiar story of a pleasant school day.

For this, I want to thank the teachers in Howard County.

While teachers in Washington state strike for higher wages, our teachers have shown great restraint and remained on the job. And while Dr. Eckerremains firm in his request for his $40,000 pension and, at the sametime, proposes a tax increase, these teachers remain on the job.

Our teachers have been called cry babies and whiners for trying to maintain wages that they were guaranteed and on which they made future plans.

Their actions this past week show them to be hard-working, dedicated professionals who deserve our respect and support.


From: Nancy Davis

Sierra Club

Potomac Chapter

Howard County Group

Conservation Chair


Some good news and some bad news for our environment came out of Annapolis in the waning days of the General Assembly.

After a three-year effort, a "tree bill," described as the most comprehensive plan to preserve forests in the nation, has finally passed.

Developers will no longer be able to completely rape our community of trees, will have toreplant the trees cut down (one for every four felled) and will haveto afforest barren land, planting trees where none exist.

The Howard County delegation unanimously supported this bill. Sens. Tom Yeager, D-13, and Chris McCabe, R-14, were co-sponsors of an even stronger version.

Your readers will be distressed to know that the air they breathe got dirtier this year. Not surprisingly, a major contributor of the smog was the automobile.

The House of Delegates tried todo something to solve this problem by passing a measure requiring Maryland to adopt tail pipe standards equivalent to those used in California.

Our county of new roads and ever expanding highways was well served by Delegates Bob Flanagan, R-14B, John Morgan, R-13B, Marty Madden, R-13B, and Ginny Thomas, D-13A, who voted for the bill.

Unfortunately, the legislation was held back by a Senate committee chairman, Walter Baker, D-36, of Cecil County, and virtually died in hisgrip.

Delegate Marty Madden helped environmentalists lobby for both of these bills, and he should be acknowledged publicly.


From: Angela Beltram

Ellicott City

Scott Miller can't have it both ways. He says the recession was caused by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Well, if the economy has been great in this country until recently, he has to give credit to those same Democrats.

But the truth of the matter is that Reaganomics has caught up with us.

Yes, the Democrats should have cut Reagan's "spend and spend" budgets, which have resulted in an unprecedented deficit.

But if they had, Miller and friends would have accused them of undermining the presidency!

Since Howard County has had the benefit of Democratic rule since charter government was formed in 1968, peoplelike Miller have had successful careers here, and more people desireto live here than anywhere else in Maryland.

This temporary slowdown in the economy here as well as in numerous other cities and counties in the U.S.A. cannot be blamed on local governments.

Who but Miller is resorting to distortion?

I stand by my fiscal conservative record. If the "pro-growthers at any cost-no regulation" people like Miller had supported my "moderate" approach to growth management --my Adequate Facilities ordinance -- there would not have been a needfor the limit on residential permits law. Miller and his "pro-growthers" were the ones unwilling to compromise.

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