Bus Policy Adopted

April 28, 1991

County school bus contractors gained some ground with a new policy that will govern their relationship with the school board but failed to win the right to participate in hearings for bus drivers accused ofmisconduct.

The policy adopted by the school board Thursday callsfor school officials to investigate allegations. Drivers found guilty of misconduct can be reprimanded, suspended or have their school system approval withdrawn, which would bar them from driving for any Howard County school bus contractor.

Contractors who employ the drivers had lobbied for an appeals review committee, with contractor representatives to hear disputes between drivers and school officials.

The board accepted a definition of misconduct suggested by Thomas M. Meachum, attorney for the contractors. School bus drivers face disciplinary action if found guilty of immoral conduct, insubordination, neglect of duty, unsafe behavior, racial slurs, foul language, use of alcohol on duty or use of drugs onor off-duty.

Contractors objected to a proposal in the draft policy that would have required prospective bus contractors to present proof of compliance with county zoning regulations.

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