Liz Bobo's Loss Could Be Locksmith's Gain At County Office

April 28, 1991

The county auditor has recommended that locks on the front door to the county office building be altered because former County Executive M. Elizabeth Bobo may have lost her keys.

Bobo left county government Dec. 3 after her defeat in the November election.

"Our review disclosed that some items that permit access to county facilities had not been accounted for," auditor Ronald S. Weinsteintold the County Council in a report.

All money under Bobo's control was accounted for, he noted. A draft of the audit was not reviewedby the council.

Two of the missing items were keys. One opens thefront door; the other opens every other door in the building.

Weinstein assistant Steve Peters, who conducted the audit, said "Ms. Bobo told county personnel she is unable to locate these keys" and they are therefore presumed lost.

Bobo could not be reached for comment.

Peters said the personnel office is unsure if Bobo ever had the third missing item -- a personnel identification card.

He recommends the personnel office ask Bobo if she has one. If she does, the office should ask her to return it, Peters said.

County administratorBuddy Roogow said the administration "is not concerned about keys being available to people who shouldn't have them and doesn't plan to re-key the front door lock at this time. Of course, we do have (a) building security (guard) now."

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