Shocking Turn Of Events: N. Carroll Wins, S. Carroll Loses


April 28, 1991|By Ed McDonough

The date was May 2, 1986.

North Carroll had just completed a surprising sweep of South Carroll in boys lacrosse, yet it's doubtful that anyone who watched the Panthers' 9-7 victory knew just how significant it was.

North Carroll wouldn't win another county match until beating Liberty, 9-8, 10 days ago. South Carroll wouldn't lose again until Tuesday, when Liberty -- stinging from that earlier loss -- stunned the Cavaliers, 8-2.

After four consecutive county titles, the Cavaliers'armor seems to be wearing a bit thin. But several coaches predicted a scrap before the season began.

South Carroll had won 28 straightcounty games before the loss; North Carroll had lost 27 before beating Liberty. And the Panthers came back to stun Westminster, 4-3, Tuesday.

The Cavs still have a good shot at the county title, because everyone else had at least two losses with two games to play. So, theend of their streak may not hurt much, though it could affect playoff positions.

North Carroll's win over the Owls was all the more amazing because it was in Westminster and came against a team that had thrashed the Panthers, 12-2, earlier this season.

North Carroll, meanwhile, took a 5-4 overall record into Friday night's game with South Carroll (after press time). After going winless last year and being shut out in the county for nearly five full seasons, the Panthers have every right to crow a little about this season.


Some names drop off our list of top track performers because they get beaten on the track.

Others fall off for all the wrong reasons.

You mayhave noticed a few of the previous top performers missing on our most recent list (Wednesday), and they won't be in any of our statisticson future Wednesdays, either.

That's because several top track athletes are no longer on their teams.

Some were academic castoffs, others had poor practice habits or quit on their own. While such attrition is common in a sport with several hundred athletes countywide, the quality of some of this year's fallen athletes is considerable.

There's no need to mention names, but the county leader in one event is no longer competing, and neither are at least two other top athletes.

Among the academic casualties, there were big differences.

One became ineligible after failing an advanced social studies course and a difficult foreign language. Another student, though, was struggling across the board, and not because of a demanding course load.

While I agree with the idea of increasing eligibility standards for extracurricular activities (perhaps to a 2.0 average), I'm hauntedby the kids taking truly demanding courses who may miss out on the opportunity to play sports because they tried and failed.

They may be working much harder than students pulling a 2.0 with easy courses,and something about that scenario just isn't right.


County horse fans clearly need a public facility with a show ring. Unfortunately, the proposed site at the northern tip of the proposed Union Mills Reservoir is not the place for it.

Original plans for the site called for a major facility that would have included a show ring, an indoor facility, stables and other amenities, but the county couldn'tfind a developer willing to build such a complex.

The Equestrian Council now simply wants to build a show ring and a small parking area, and has requested about $5,000 in self-help money to build at the same location.

Problem is, folks still would have to get horse trailers back to the facility. And neither Saw Mill nor Kowomu Trail -- roads that provide access to the site -- are suitable for trailers. Those back roads barely are suitable

for cars, much less vehicles pulling horse trailers.

The Parks Board last month recommended paying for the project, provided the plan meets other county requirements. And therein lies the rub: Since the project may be in a wetlands area, it might never be built.

Even if the area isn't a wetland, that location is no place for a show ring. The roads just aren't up to it.

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