He Sows, Mows And Bowls -- And Excels At All Three


Owner Of Lawn Service Scores A New High Set Of 652 In Westminster

April 28, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

If you need your lawn cut and you live in Carroll County, just call Roy Dull. He has been operating Dull's Lawn Service since 1964.

If you need a bowling sub for your tenpin team, call Roy Dull. He's been bowling since 1961.

How good is he with the lawn service and with the bowling?

He'll be glad to give you the names of satisfied customers for the lawn service. I can tell you that on April 11 at County Lanes in Westminster, Dull fired a 652 series with his 12-pound Columbia bowling ball in the Thursday Night League.

Dull carries a 159 average and has a high game of 276 and, of course, that fine 652 series for a high set.In 1989, Dull and a partner won the Upper New York State Wild Irish Rose double tournament.

In addition to that Thursday league, Dull bowls in the Friday Good Times League and a Monday league at County Lanes. And he subs on Tuesday night.

His wife, Jean, bowls at County Lanes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday; she carries a 148 average.

Did Dull always operate a lawn service?

No, for 38 years he drove an oil truck until he retired from that job and started his lawn service.

Dull's going to turn 80 next year, but he says he's not going

to stop the lawn service or the bowling.

"I just love to bowl," he said. "I really enjoy it."

Somehow, I believe that.


Wayne Jackson, 23, is a little younger than Roy Dull, but he wouldn't be a bad choice for a tenpin teammate. Jackson, a native and residentof Westminster, bowls at County Lanes in the Thursday Nite Trophy League, the Monday Nite Bowlers Discount Pro League and the Interstate Travel League.

He works for Kidde Consultants and fires a 16-poundNitro bowling ball with a great deal of accuracy. His high series isa nifty 748, and his average is 202. And one night he threw 11 strikes in a row and was looking for his first 300 game. It wasn't to be.

"I was a little pumped up," Jackson said. "And I pulled the ball just enough to come in on the head pin. That cost me the 300 game."

Well, 296 ain't bad.

A few weeks ago, at County Lanes, Jackson, who's been bowling since he was 8 years old, put together three fine games: 256, 216 and 248. That's a 720 series, still short of his career high set of 748, but a nice series.

"I'd like to see more peopleget involved in bowling," Jackson said. "It's a great sport."

If you bowl like Wayne it is.


Janette Hoffman of Hampstead bowlsduckpins, but she knows about stringing strikes together, too. Hoffman, who was the Manchester Senior of the Year for 1991, bowls in the Monday Ladies League and the Thursday Night Ladies League at Hampstead Bowling Center and carries a 102 average. Her high series is 404.

The Thursday night team is called Lucky Clovers, and the Monday night team is Momma's Babies. Where did that name come from?

Simple. Hoffman's mother comes to the lanes to watch. Since Hoffman's mother is 90, Momma's Babies just seemed to fit.

Back to stringing strikes. In that Monday Night League on April 8, Hoffman popped five strikes in a row and had a spare where she needed a six-count for that once-in-lifetime 200 game. She came up short, but the 197 game she finished with is still a whopper.

What does Janette have to say about it?

"I still love to bowl and I just love the folks that run Hampstead Lanes. I'll get the 200 game another time."

I'm certain of it.


Two Carroll couples will be competing in the Coors Light $25,000 Duckpin Classic Silver Bullet Tournament May 18-19 at Turner's Long Meadow Bowl in Hagerstown, Washington County.

We earlier reported that Bobby and Doreen Blizzard had qualified. Well, Joe and Kaye Rineer of New Windsor will compete for that some of that $25,000 prize.

Joe Rineer operates Mount Airy Lanes and has been bowling for several decades. Kaye, his wife, bowls and helps run the bowling center.

Kaye also takes care of their daughter Alyson. And, she still finds time to bowl in the Wednesday Mixed League at Fair Lanes Owings Mills in Baltimore County carry a 119 average. Kaye has had a 181 highgame and a strong 469 series.

This means that not only will therea great tournament for everyone in the area there'll also be a mini-tournament between the two Carroll County husband-wife teams.


Mount Airy Lanes will be the site next weekend of the Wayne Logue Memorial Handicapped Singles Tournament. Information: 829-0710 or 705-9181.

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