Board Lauds Farmer

April 28, 1991

WESTMINSTER — The Carroll Soil Conservation District Board members have congratulated Bill Buchman for his dedication to soil conservation and water quality.

Bill Buchman and his wife own and operate a vegetable and grain farm on Coon Club Road here.

Bill also manages eight greenhouses and about 600 acres, in whichhe grows pumpkins, sweet corn, field corn and soybeans.

About 35 percent of Bill's rented fields have been contoured by the Carroll Soil Conservation District, and nearly all row crops are planted using no-till.

For the past 10 years, he has been experimenting with leguminous cover crops, such as hairy vetch and crimson clover, to protect the soil and provide nitrogen for his sweet corn and pumpkins.

In 1987, he took the cover crops one step further when he purchased ano-till drill. All cover crops and most soybeans are now planted with this drill, which further reduces soil loss. With less trips acrossthe fields, it also reduces soil compaction.

Buchman cares about the soil and the quality of water leaving Carroll County. He manages his rented farms as though they were his own and shares what he has learned with others.

Several years ago, he entertained farmers fromfour counties, sharing his knowledge of cover crops, no-till and other production techniques.

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