Here's To 24 Outstanding County Student-athletes


1991 Academic Athletic Team

April 28, 1991|By PAT O'MALLEY

While the debates continue about academic requirements for high school and college athletes, the 24 student-athletes we feature today have no problem meeting the regulations.

The ninth annual Anne Arundel County Sun All-County Academic Athletic Team consists of 12 boys and 12 girls who go beyond the requirements and shine as model student-athletes.

We narrowed down almost 100 applications to come up with the top 24 in the county, and these are truly outstanding young people.

Wewere looking for well-rounded student-athletes who compile a high grade-point average while playing more than one varsity sport, get involved in school and community, prepare a neat resume as if applying for a job, have recommendation letters that reveal character and attitude, write a good essay and show some creativity.

On Thursday night, we will honor them at a banquet at the Ramada Inn in Annapolis. Thedinner and awards ceremony will be the highlight of the 41st annual spring general membership meeting of the Anne Arundel Trade Council Inc.

The honorees and their parents should start arriving at about 6:15 p.m. with dinner scheduled to start at about 7 p.m., and the awards to follow. Each student will be introduced and receive a plaque.

At the end of the presentations, the two overall winners -- one male and one female -- will receive special awards.

The dinner is open to the public, and friends, teachers and coaches of those to be honored are invited attend. For ticket information call the Trade Council by tomorrow at 757-6709.

Any other questions about the studentsand banquet should be directed to my 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

This year's final team, just like all of those from past, is outstanding. I'm sure that reading the individual profiles of the 24 selected will make you feel good about our young people and the school system as well.

No one returns from last year's team, but we do have two underclassmen -- one of whom is the first sophomore ever to be named -- and both are from first-year high school, North County.

Shawn Moyer is the first 10th-grader to make the team, so outstanding is the young man. He has been starting in three varsity sports since he began high school, and this year was named a captain of the basketball team, a title usually reserved for seniors.

Moyer has been a perfect 4.00 student since starting high school and has gone from the ranks of honorable mention to first team in 1991. Quite obviously this young man has a very bright future.

North County junior Tonya Kolodziejski is the only female underclassman named, and she, too, is exceptional. She is a starter in three varsity sports and carries a 3.97GPA.

Of 15 county high schools -- public and private -- 13 are represented by at least one student-athlete. Only Annapolis and Southern are not, but Southern did not nominate a single student, which is too bad because some great kids from that school have made it in the past.

Annapolis had three outstanding boys nominated, but two of them only played one sport and the other's grade-point average was notquite as high as those chosen.

On the girls side, Annapolis had two apply, and they happen to be sisters, freshman Crista and sophomore Cory Samaras. Their brother, Dean, a two-sport athlete also applied, and that is the most ever to apply from one family.

All three made our honorable-mention list.

No school had more than three namedto the first team, and those schools with three were Severn School, Broadneck, Chesapeake and St. Mary's. Two each came from Glen Burnie,North County and Severna Park.

Many of those named have been honorable mention at least one other year, and some of the applicants puta lot of time and effort into their resumes.

An extraordinary group of female underclassmen applied this year with Old Mill (seven), Arundel and Spalding (six each) and North County (five) leading the way overall with the most girls nominated.

Old Mill has two outstanding juniors in the Baker twins, Amanda and Alison, and two outstanding sophomores in Allison Wentworth and Anne Chicorelli who will be tough to keep off the team next year.

Here is this year's honorable-mention list:


SENIORS: Stephanie Lazor, Northeast (three sports, 3.30 GPA); Jackie Cordery, Archbishop Spalding (two sports, 3.70 GPA); Tami Riley, Severna Park (three sports, 3.20); Elise Maccubbin, North County (two sports, 3.60); Kathy Wetzel, Arundel (three sports, 3.30); Vivian Pearson, South River (two sports, 3.50); Claudia Pyles, Chesapeake (two sports, 3.00); Denise Zellers, Old Mill (three sports, 3.20); Kim Myers, Glen Burnie (one sport, 3.90).

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