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April 28, 1991

From: Roger Carquist

District 762 Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Severna Park recently sponsored a series of travel films at the high school with the twin objectives of providing family entertainment as a community service and raising funds to be given to local charitable or non-profit organizations in the Severna Park area. I am happy to be able to say that modest success was achieved in both objectives.

I am writing to acknowledge the part that Jill Zarend played in helping to make the series a success. Public service announcements appeared in The Anne Arundel County Sun on many occasions. It comes as no surprise, then, that a significant number of people attending the series stated that they learned of it through an article or announcement in your paper.

* On behalf of the Severna Park Rotary Club, I would like to extend our appreciation for the publicity which was given to this endeavor and to the courteous and professional way it was handled.


From: E.L. Maddox


From the article that appeared in the April 23 Anne Arundel County Sun, it would appear that

the newly formed "Millersville/Severn Run Federation" is completely lacking in common sense. That group is objecting to the county's decision to purchase a one-acre lot in the path of the planned East-West Boulevard rather than issuing a building permit so that the owner could build a house on it (as he has done on two adjacent lots which are not in the road's path).

It seems highly probable that this long-planned road will be built, at least eventually. For the past several years, East-West Boulevard has been designated by the County Council as the county's highest priority new road project. Since the current councilperson in whosedistrict the road will run and the current county executive both campaigned in the November election to work for completion of East-West Boulevard, this priority is unlikely to change.

To have issued a building permit would have been outrageous. It would have cost the taxpayers an additional $100,000 to $300,000 or more to condemn and teardown a virtually new house and pay relocation expenses for the family living in it. In the unlikely event the road is never built, the county can always sell the lot and recoup all or at least a large part of the expenditure. The county should be applauded for showing a little foresight and certainly does not deserve the foolish attack by theMillersville/Severn Run Federation.


From: Muriel G. Carter

Glen Burnie Improvement Association

After reading John Miara's letter in The Anne Arundel County Sun on April 10, I am compelled to set the record straight.

We of the Glen BurnieImprovement Association joined in Mr. Miara's distress with The AnneArundel County Sun's choice of a picture memorializing the blight that was Glen Burnie 20 years ago. There our agreement ended.

Most of us are pleased and proud with the urban renewal of downtown Glen Burnie. Sure, there are still things we would like to change, things wewould like to see develop. But by and large, Glen Burnie is vastly improved. Our association has tried to assist with the improvement andhave some voice in what happens downtown, but I'm afraid many countyresidents give us credit for much more influence and power than we actually wield.

We have no municipal power over the Glen Burnie business district and cannot regulate any signs there, including the ones that appear in the pocket park at Crain and Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard. If it had been our choice, I doubt that our members would have erected such a sign. However, though a sign in that location may not be aesthetically pleasing to some, it does give a boost to a numberof civic and charitable events.

After the decay we suffered and survived 20 years ago, I think we can live with the small annoyance the sign represents.


From: Gene Stastny

Central Arundel Kiwanis Club

Just a note to let you know our April 17 benefit golf tournament was a great success, with 34 foursomes participating.

We want to sincerely thank you for the publicity you gave us in your column.

The Kiwanis Club of Central Anne Arundel County wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to the following sponsors and gift-givers whose generosity made our 7th annual benefit golf tournament on April 17 a great success:

Sponsors: Bank of Glen Burnie, Bill Garvey State Farm Insurance, Blanchfield Nursery Mulch Inc., BWI Golf Center, Casa Bella Italian Restaurant, Chocolates from theHeart, Eastern Savings Bank, Evergreen Gene's, Fletcher's Auto Tech,Goska Liquors, Household Bank, Household Finance HFC Home Mortgage, JBA Chevrolet, Kitchen Design Studio, Lawyers Title Insurance, Macy'sCorner Exxon, Maryland National Bank,

Nationwide Insurance, Park Pharmacy, Paine Webber Mortgage Finance Inc., Phillips Seafood Restaurants, Pro Golf of Maryland, Sentinel Title Corp., and Wentz's GardenCenter.

Gift-Givers: Differences II, Evergreen Gene's, First American Bank, Hechinger, Lawyers Title Insurance, Meadow Farms Garden Center, Mr. Bush's Garden Center, Nevada Bob's, Oxbow Restaurant, PennyLane Flowers, Sam's Golf, United Propane, and the Wooden Nickel Restaurant.

Our special thanks to the 34 golf foursomes whose participation further supported this benefit tournament.


From: Jeanette Murphy

Providence Center

Providence Center would like to thank the following Anne Arundel County businesses for participating in their supported employment program: A-Pet/Severna Park, Buddy's Crabs & Ribs, Christian Bookshop, Dry Dock Restaurant/USNA, Lauer's SuperThrift, Maryland General Assembly/Department of Fiscal Services, Ram's Head Tavern, Skipper's Pier, Villages of Chesapeake Harbour and Wendy's/West Street, Annapolis.

Companies interested in information on the benefits of hiring a developmentally disabledworker are encouraged to call 267-0701.

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