Milacki gets call sooner than expected

Orioles notes

April 27, 1991|By Kent Baker

Bob Milacki was expecting to start several more games for the Hagerstown Suns, but now he won't get the chance.

The right-hander, who was optioned the day before the season began, was recalled to the major leagues yesterday, replacing injured Glenn Davis on the Baltimore Orioles' roster.

"I'm a little bit surprised," said Milacki, 3-0 with a 1.06 ERA for the Class AA team. "They talked to me a couple days ago and told me I'd start there a few more times."

Milacki walked just three batters in 17 innings, apparently convincing the Orioles he had fixed the flaws in his delivery.

"We were going to go to 10 pitchers in the next few days and drop aposition player," said manager Frank Robinson. "We're satisfied with him."

Milacki was in the bullpen last night and probably will remain there for the time being.

Phoebus to be honored today

In keeping with the "Thanks For the Memories" theme of this season, pitcher Tom Phoebus will be on hand today to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of his no-hitter against the Boston Red Sox. A teacher in Port St. Lucie, Fla., Phoebus will receive a video of his gem.

Vaughn on hot streak

The Milwaukee Brewers' Greg Vaughn is on an unprecedented surge with four homers and 10 RBI in his past five games.

"I have never been this good in the major leagues," he said. "But I try not to make a big deal about it."

Sometimes it backfires

Brewers manager Tom Trebelhorn said Tim Hulett's strikeout into a double play in the Orioles eighth inning may have been the turning point last night.

"When you try to stay out of the double play, sometimes you run into one," Trebelhorn said. "Frank [Robinson] had confidence that he was going to hit the ball, but he just did not hit it."

Flanagan still rolling

The Brewers got their first hit of the season in 16 at-bats against Mike Flanagan, a single by Paul Molitor. Flanagan threw 15 of 20 pitches for strikes in 1 2/3 scoreless innings and lowered his ERA to 0.69.

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