Skipjacks juggle front-office lines in search of more aggressive PR

April 27, 1991|By James H. Jackson

The Baltimore Skipjacks said yesterday that they did not renew the contracts of Jim and Stacey Riggs, the husband-and-wife team that has run the American Hockey League club's front office the past two seasons.

Jim Riggs was vice president of communications and assistant general manager and Stacey Riggs was director of operations. Margaret Robinson, director of community relations for the Skipjacks for the past 18 months, will assume Jim Riggs' duties, and Louise Jauschnegg, a marketing assistant for the past six months, is the new director of operations.

"I want a much more aggressive, outgoing public-relations effort," said Tom Ebright, Skipjacks president and principal owner. "Jim Riggs did a great job with the people we know, but not with new people. I want someone to knock on doors and, if the door is slammed in our face, I want us to continue going back until we can find some way to pry the door open.

"I'm in the business of selling hockey, and we still have a lot of selling to do. I want more offense from my people."

Jim Riggs said: "Mr. Ebright called us in yesterday and told us we were terminated. We were both stunned. He said he had to tighten up the staff because of economic conditions. I'm proud of what I did in my two years here, and so is Stacey. I know we saved the organization more than $150,000 in that time. I enjoyed working here, and I believe I did a good job.

" The Riggses came to the Skipjacks from the North Carolina Monarchs of the East Coast Hockey League, where both held similar positions.

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