Suspension upheld,likely to cost Clemens 1 start

April 27, 1991

NEW YORK -- Roger Clemens will keep his shutout streak for at least another week.

More than six months after he was dragged off the mound in the playoffs, Clemens' punishment became final yesterday: Commissioner Fay Vincent, though acknowledging that umpire Terry Cooney's report "contains some inaccuracies," upheld a five-game suspension and $10,000 fine.

Clemens will miss one start for the Boston Red Sox. Instead of pitching tomorrow night in Kansas City, he will take his 4-0 record, 0.28 ERA and streak of 30 consecutive scoreless innings into next Friday night's game in Chicago.

Cooney's crew is supposed to work that game, according to sources familiar with umpire schedules. He has not handled any Red Sox games this year; umpire assignments are made six weeks in advance and are not made public.

"I am not persuaded that the discipline imposed should be eliminated or reduced," Vincent said. "Regardless of the basis for an ejection -- or any other decision, right or wrong, made by an umpire on the field -- a player must comport himself during games within certain accepted norms."

Clemens checked out of his hotel room in Kansas City yesterday and left for his home in Katy, Texas. The Red Sox said they expected their ace to rejoin the team early next week in Minnesota. Atwo-time Cy Young winner, Clemens has won all his starts this season. In 32 innings, he has allowed 17 hits.

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