The violent crime of drunk drivingOver the last...

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April 26, 1991

The violent crime of drunk driving

Over the last approximately four years, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been a vital part of the Howard County community. Our goals have been to educate the public, assist victims, work with legislators to create stricter drunk driving laws and provide a better quality of life. We are not prohibitionists: Our mission is to stop drunk driving and support the victims of this violent crime.

Community involvement is the key to our existence. Each year we sponsor the Red Ribbon Campaign, candlelight vigils, victim support groups and victim impact panels for drunk driving offenders. We also operate booths at the Columbia City Fair, the Howard County Fair and during Howard Community College's Drug Awareness Week.

All these activities require manpower, time and concern. We ask the community at this time for their help in assisting us to continue to grow and serve community needs.

Debbie Derwart

The writer is a member of the Howard County chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Save the station

Capt. Stevens Bunker of Fells Point and the Friends of President Street Station deserve credit for their efforts to preserve the historic railroad building located at the corner of President and Fleet streets near Little Italy.

President Street Station is directly connected to our state song, written to commemorate the "Pratt Street Riot" that occurred 130 years ago on April 19, 1861. The riot started when the 6th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment marched from President Street Station to Camden Station to board the B&O Railroad to Washington. Their presence enraged a mob of Confederate sympathizers gathered on Pratt Street. Fighting broke out, and when it was over 12 civilians and four soldiers lay dead, with many others injured.

It was the first bloodshed of what was to become the Civil War. It's important for Maryland, and it's important for America, to preserve the President Street Station. As historian Shelby Foote has said: "Any understanding of this nation has to be based on an understanding of the Civil War. And it's very necessary, if you're going to understand the American character in the 20th century, to learn about this enormous catastrophe of the 19th century."

Grason Eckel



A bill passed by the Maryland Senate and House would legalize podiatrists to perform major procedures on the ankle and leg, including amputations.

But podiatrists are not physicians. Their minimal medical training and knowledge is confined to the foot.

On the average, a podiatrist trains three to four years, whereas orthopedists train approximately 12 years to do these types of procedures. If this bill becomes law, the quality of medical treatment given to the citizens of the state of Maryland will be set back many years, and we will certainly see a dramatic rise in malpractice claims.

Our legislators are bargaining away the health care of our public by their back room politicking instead of having the interests of constituents at heart. This bill should not get executive approval under any circumstances.

Moosa Kazim


The writer is an orthopedic surgeon. 1/2

Cynical effort

The horrifying plight of the Kurdish refugees is all too real, but the cynical effort of the new world order crowd to turn their misery into a weapon for attacking national sovereignty is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Most of the Kurds are fleeing Iraq, not because Saddam Hussein has strafed their villages, but for the same reason that millions in Baghdad and Basra have also been turned into refugees: Nine months of a vicious economic tourniquet applied to Iraq, combined with the effects of repeated, Hiroshima levels of air bombardment during the war have devastated the food and water supply of the entire country. That the news media would inundate Americans with gut-wrenching scenes of the Kurds' agony, while ignoring to the point of cover-up the much larger number of Iraqi Arabs in the same straits, is the most obvious indication that considerations other than humanitarian are at play.

This is how the new world order works for its controllers. First, create a disaster in some brutalized corner of the world. Then, announce that your great concern for the victims means that ` alas! ` you'll just have to carve up the targeted nation to "solve" the problem you created. And the Mosul province of Iraq is only the beginning.

Humanitarian relief for the suffering war victims of Iraq ` Arab and Kurd alike? Absolutely! Carte blanche for the former colonial powers of the Middle East to redraw the borders of that region and then others? No way!

ouglas Mallouk


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