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April 25, 1991|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

ROBBERY: Northwestern District -- Police reported that a man posing as a collector for The Baltimore Sun Co. assaulted a resident of the 5300 block of Belleville Ave. late last night and robbed her of about $50. The victim told police that around midnight yesterday a man knocked on her door and told her he was collecting money for the delivery of her newspaper. She told police that after she let the man inside her house, he verbally threatened her, robbed her of $48 and fled.

SHOOTING: Northwestern District -- Ernest Bundy, of the 3100 block of E. Biddle St., reported while walking in the 3600 block of Garrison Blvd. early yesterday he got involved in an argument with another man. During the argument, the other man pulled out a handgun and shot Bundy in the face. Police said Bundy was taken to Liberty Medical Center for treatment.

RAPE: Northwestern District -- Police today were seeking a man in connection with the rape Monday evening of a woman in her home. The woman told police that a man who apparently lives in the same house came home Monday afternoon and forced her into a bedroom. There, the woman told police, she was thrown down on a bed and raped.

BURGLARY: Northwestern District -- Police reported that someone broke into Field's barber shop in the 4700 block of Liberty Heights Ave. between Tuesday and yesterday and removed a TV, VCR, stereo equipment and barber tools and supplies. Police said the total value of the property was not immediately known and that entry was gained through the front window.

RAPE: Northwestern District -- Police today continued seeking a man who robbed a cleaners on Liberty Heights Avenue around 4 p.m. yesterday then forced a female employee into a back room and raped her. Police said moments after the man entered the establishment, he pulled out a handgun and ordered a male employee to give him the contents of the cash register. After taking the money, the gunman forced the woman into a nearby back room and ordered her to disrobe or he would shoot the male worker. The gunman raped the woman then fled. Following the incident, the woman was taken to a hospital for treatment and released.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Raab Mignini, an attorney with offices in the 3400 block of White Ave., reported that someone entered his property yesterday and removed six small trees from the lawn. Police said the trees were valued at more than $700.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Charles Henninger, of the 5200 block of Belair Road, reported that someone removed a concrete flower pot from the front yard of his home. Henninger told police the lawn ornament was valued at $200.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Albert Smith, of the 5500 block of Force Road, reported that while his car was parked near his home, someone removed two wheel covers and two tires. Police said the wheel covers and tires had a total value of $100.

ARSON: Northeastern District -- Police were seeking the person who set at least two fires at Parkside Gardens Apartments in the 3700 block of Parkside Ave. early yesterday. Police said damage was slight and that no injuries among residents of nearby apartments were reported. Police said that while firefighters were extinguishing one small fire, another broke out in some debris in the back of an apartment building.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Estelle Schoenberger, of the 3700 block of Lyndale Ave., reported that someone trespassed onto her property yesterday and removed a gas-powered lawn mower. Police said the property was valued at $200.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- John Kostas, an out-of-town resident, reported that while his car was parked in the 1300 block of Windemere Ave., someone forced open the trunk and removed two wool suits. Kostas told police the suits were valued at $600.

THEFT/ARREST: Northeastern District -- Police, responding to a reported theft at the Fava shoe store in the 5100 block of Sinclair Lane yesterday, arrested two teen-age males who attempted to leave the store without paying for a pair of shoes. Police said the shoes were valued at $10 and that the youths were released in the custody of their parents pending action by juvenile authorities.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Margaret Neumann, of the 5300 block of Barbara Ave., told police she was walking in the 5100 block of Belair Road yesterday afternoon when she was approached by a man in his 30s who stole the purse she was carrying. Police said the purse contained cash and property, all valued at $60.

ROBBERY: Northern District -- Tawney Holm, 24, of the 300 block of E. 29th St., reported she was near her home Tuesday evening when she was accosted by two youths in their early teens who threatened her with an unknown object and robbed her of her coat and personal items. Police said the youths fled the scene with property valued at $100.

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