Ind. police charge man in Baltimore jail with murder,arson Mother,two children killed in l989 case

April 25, 1991

A man jailed in Baltimore in an arson fire was charged yesterday in connection with the 1989 deaths of an Indiana woman and her two children, whose bodies were found in the charred ruins of their home.

James Patrick Harrison, 41, who is believed to have been in the Baltimore area since late 1989, was charged by Indiana police with three counts of murder and arson.

Kenneth R. Rose, police chief of Mount Vernon, Ind., served Mr. Harrison with the arrest papers as he entered the courthouse for the start of his arson trial on charges stemming from a Baltimore fire last August.

Indiana police said Mr. Harrison is charged with the deaths of Stacy Forsee, 20, her daughter, Tia Foresee, 3, and her son, Jordan Forsee, 18 months, in Mount Vernon.

Indiana fire officials said the January 1989 fire began when a flammable liquid was poured on the bed in the master bedroom of the house and ignited. Ms. Forsee and her daughter were in the room. Jordan was in a nearby bedroom. An autopsy determined that Ms. Forsee was stabbed eight times in the chest and abdomen before the fire. Her daughter died of burns; her son of smoke inhalation. Mr. Harrison was questioned a day after the fire and released because, "There wasn't enough evidence to charge him at that time," Mr. Rose said.

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